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Wedmore Competitions

Ladies Pairs

2016 Gillian Toogood & Nora Mallett 2nd Wendy Miller & Anne Skinner
2017 Gillian Toogood & Nora Mallett 2nd Marian Curry & Esme Gulliver
2018 Barbara Biggin & Jean Lowe 2nd Gillian Toogood & Nora Mallett
2019 Ronnie Follenfant & Esme Gulliver tied with Helen Batt & Elizabeth Sims

Gentlemens Pairs

2016 Malcolm Scard & Ray Beach 2nd Mike Smith & John Dixon
2017 Brian Ladd & Christopher Loughlin 2nd John Curry & Colin Rymill
2018 John Dixon & Mike Smith 2nd Bob Jepps & Gordon Kendall
2019 John Dixon & Mike Smith 2nd Brian Ladd & Chris Loughlin

Mixed Pairs

2016 Barbara Biggin & Peter Colton 2nd Gillian Toogood & Tony Hall
2017 Anne Skinner & Mike Smith 2nd Barbara Biggin & Peter Colton
2018 Patsy Ashford & Chris Bryant 2nd Daphne Greatorex & Tony Nicholson
2019 Ray Harper & Jean Lowe 2nd Wendy Miller & Tony Hall

Championship Pairs

2016 Ray Harper & Alan Plant 2nd Sue Gudgeon & Malcolm Scard
2017 Barbara Biggin & Mike Smith 2nd Carole Jepps & Robert Jepps
2018 Steve Pedrick & Ivor Ham 2nd Phil Batt & Peter Colton
2019 Alan Dean & John Down 2nd Gillian Toogood & Gordon McBride

Championship Pairs (handicap)

2017 Daphne Greatorex & Patsy Ashford 2nd Nora Mallett & Alison Smith
2018 Sheila Jack & Ann Jarvis 2nd Nora Mallett & Alison Smith
2019 Ivor Ham & Steve Pedrick 2nd Chris Bryant & Peter Colton

Club Champion

2016 Barbara Biggin 2nd Anne Skinner
2017 Barbara Biggin 2nd Anne Skinner
2018 Alan Plant 2nd Ray Harper
2019 Ray Harper 2nd Barbara Biggin

Most Improved

2016 Peter Colton
2017 Brian Ladd
2018 Esme Gulliver
2019 Helen Batt