Cheddar and Wedmore
with Axe Virtual Bridge Club
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Members requiring partners may use the 'Find a partner' item in the left hand menu. For helpful instructions, see the Partners item at the end of 'Where and When' under 'Information'.

Where and When Cheddar
Where and When 1
When When

Monday Evenings 7 pm Wedmore,
Wednesday Afternoons 1:30 pm Cheddar
(arrive 10 mins early for either please)
Wednesday evenings Axe online sessions
(see Axe Virtual Bridge Club in main menu)

What What

Duplicate Bridge

Where Where

Masonic Hall, Wedmore (BS28 4AB),
Catholic Church Hall, Cheddar (BS27 3HU)

Click here for a map to BS27 3HU
Car Parking Car Parking

On nearby streets at Wedmore, Free on-site parking at Cheddar,

How Much How Much
Table Money (Members) - 3.00 per person
Table Money (Visitors) - 3.00 per person
Annual Subscription - 4.00 per person
Contact Contact

Use the 'contact us' form please

Visitors Visitors

Visiting pairs are welcome without prior notice. Visitors requiring a partner should contact the club in advance.

Refreshments Refreshments

Make your own tea, coffee or squash with biscuits

Smoking Smoking

Following the legislation banning smoking in public places, all parts of the interior are non smoking areas. Smoking can continue outside the building.

Partners Partners

Members requiring partners for a particular event can use the 'Find a partner' service. Click 'Calendar Month' on the menu on the home page. Move your mouse over the event for which you need a partner (or touch it on a touch screen device) then click on 'partner required'. Log in if necessary and you will be presented with a form with options along the bottom. We suggest you use 'Add and email'. This will add a note to the calendar that you require a partner and also send an email to this effect to all members.