Cheddar and Wedmore
with Axe Virtual Bridge Club
Release 2.19q

Congratulation to Janet Bennett and Mary Carter who have recently achieved the EBU Masterpoints grades of Club Master and County Master respectively.

Find a partner

Members requiring partners may use the 'Find a partner' item in the left hand menu.  For helpful instructions, see the Partners item at the end of  'Where and When' under 'Information'.

Test Find Partner

Members requiring partners can use the 'Find a partner' service.  Click 'Calendar Month' in the menu above.  Mouse over the event for which you need a partner (or touch it on a touch screen device) then click on 'partner required'.  Log in if necessary and a form with options along the bottom appears.  Use  'Add and email'  to add a note to the calendar that you require a partner and also send an email to all members.

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