Charlestown Bridge Club

Our next game is  Pairs on Friday December 15th after the AGM and Christmas Party.  All are welcome.   Please register by clicking on "Bookings" in the right hand box (Calendar). You may use your name or email to register, however if you are new to the club, you will not be able to register until you have joined up and been put into our database.  You do not have to book, but you will need to be at the club before 2.45pm to allow for the movement to be sorted out.  If you are having difficulties booking please contact the webmaster at 


AGM, CHRISTMAS PARTY AND FUN BRIDGE will be held on Friday 8th December 2023.  All are welcome and you can come without a partner.  The AGM will be held at 3pm, followed by a couple of hours of Bridge and then a catered supper with drinks.  Come and help us celebrate the end of another Bridge year.  The President will be handing out some awards and prizes!









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