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What Would You Do?
What Would You Bid?

The 2016 Vanderbilt was won by the Lavazza Team.  In the semis Lavazza played Bertheau and Zia Mahmood, world champion picked up this hand.  He, as Brink did on the opposing team passed.  Yes, a world champion passed with 15HCP. 

LAVAZZA                                                                                BERTHEAU

West North East South   vs  West North East South
Zagorin Duboin Bertheau Zia   Brenner Drijver Bocchi Brink
Pass Pass 1♣  Pass   Pass Pass 1♣  Pass
Pass 2  2♠  Dbl   1♠  Pass 2♠  Dbl
Pass 2NT Pass 3    3♠  All Pass    
Pass 3NT All Pass            

An excellent 3NT was reached by the Lavazza team thanks to patience and balancing. Aggressive bidding due to fit and favorable vulnerability on the other hand kept Bertheau out of 3NT and the Lavazza team got to play 3♠ down 4 undoubled. 


What do you lead?

Playing against one of the top teams in the field, I was fairly confident that South's jump to 3NT denied a four card major.  Giving  North a maximum of  four spades and South a maximum of 3 spades leaves my partner with a minimum of four spades.  And if anyone has entries it is partner.  Therefore I led the ♠ A hoping to set up partner's known spade suit.