Chandler's Ford Bridge Club

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  Objects (Sample)



  1. Name

The name of the Club shall be “Chandlers Ford Bridge Club” (“the Club”).

  1. Object

The object of the Club shall be the promotion and enjoyment of the game of Duplicate Bridge in Chandler’s Ford and its environs.

  1. Definitions

    1. “Members“ means those subscribing annually and who are on the membership list.
    2. “Committee” means the Committee referred to in paragraph 6 of this Constitution.

  1. Membership

    1. Applications for membership shall be open to all who are interested in playing Duplicate Bridge and who have attended at least two playing sessions of the Club as a visitor.  Such applications shall be approved or declined by the Committee.

    1. The Committee is not required to give reasons for declining membership to any new applicant.

    1. Membership may be limited by the Committee to match the facilities available.
    2. A register of Members shall be maintained.

  1. General Meetings

    1. The Annual General Meeting of the Club (“AGM”) shall be held during the month of January each year and the Secretary shall give at least fourteen days’ notice of the meeting to Members, specifying the business to be transacted.

    1. The business of the AGM shall be to approve the statement of accounts for the previous year, to elect the Committee and Officers, to determine the annual subscription, table money and any other applicable fees, and to consider any other appropriate matters.

    1. The Chairman shall preside at all General Meetings of the Club and at all meetings of the Committee.  In the event of his absence, a Committee Member shall be appointed at the meeting to preside.

    1. Each Member attending any General Meeting or Committee meeting shall have one vote and, in the event of any equality of votes on any resolution, the Chairman presiding shall have a second or casting vote.

    1. The quorum for any General Meeting of the Club shall be 15. Notice of all General Meetings of the Club shall be sent to Members by e-mail, post or personal delivery.

    1. A Special General Meeting may be convened by the Committee at any time or at the written request of at least 5 Members stating the business to be transacted.  Fourteen days’ notice of any such meeting shall be given to Members.

  1. Management of the Club

    1. The management of the Club shall be vested in a Committee of no more than 6 Members, all of whom shall be elected at the AGM, comprising the Officers named below and one other Member:
                       Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Chief Director and Membership Secretary

    1. All Officers and Members of the Committee shall retire annually, but will be eligible for re-election.

    1. The Committee shall meet as and when required.  A quorum shall consist of 3 Members.

    1. The Committee shall have the power:

                    6.4.1    to co-opt Members to the Committee or to fill any vacancy in the Officers or Committee membership until the next General Meeting;

                   6.4.2    to make, amend or revoke byelaws for the proper conduct of the Club and its playing sessions;

                   6.4.3    to elect honorary members by unanimous vote;

                   6.4.4    to deal with any other matter not otherwise provided for.

  1. Cessation of Membership

    1. Membership may be withdrawn from any Member at the discretion of the Committee.   Any Member from whom it is proposed to withdraw Membership shall have the right to be represented before the Committee.

    1. Any Member whose subscription is unpaid by the January AGM in any year shall cease to be a Member. Such persons may be reinstated upon such terms as the Committee may decide.

  1. Visitors                                                                                                 

Visitors are welcome to participate in any Club session on payment of such table money as may be decided by the AGM.

  1. Finance

    1. A bank account shall be maintained in the name of the Club.  Cheques drawn on this account shall be signed by two Officers of the Club.
    2. The committee shall have the power to delegate authority to the Treasurer to operate Internet Banking on their sole authority and the Club will duly indemnify the Bank against any misuse of this authority.
    3. The Club’s financial year shall be from 1 January to 31 December

    1. The annual subscription shall become due on 1 November. 

    1. Every person present and playing at a Club bridge session shall pay such table money as is fixed at the AGM or any Special General Meeting. 

    1. The accounts of the Club shall be examined by an Independent Examiner appointed at a General Meeting.

  1. Minutes

The Secretary shall keep minutes of all General Meetings and Committee meetings of the Club.  

  1. Amendment of the Constitution

Any amendment of this Constitution may only be made at a General Meeting of the Club, of which fourteen days’ notice has been given, or by a proposal for approval by e-mail, with details of the amendments proposed. Any such amendment shall require a two-thirds majority of Members voting.

  1. Cessation of Membership

           Any decision to dissolve or wind up the Club shall only be made at a General Meeting of the Club of which fourteen days’ notice has been given with notice
of the proposal.  Any such decision shall require a two-thirds majority of Members voting.  In the event of such a decision being made, such assets as remain
           after meeting all the debts shall be given to such other Bridge Club or Charity as the General Meeting shall decide.