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Competition Winners
Club Competition trophy holders

Club Shield

(for the highest average score)

2014/15       Rob Wilkinson                                  Runner up:  Colin Johns

2013/14       Rob Wilkinson                                  Runner up:  Richard Holt

2012/13       Chris Moir                                        Runner up:  Amanda Hawthorn

2011/12      Grant Masom                                    Runner up: Rosemary Reuter

2010/11      Chris Moir                                         Runner up: Amanda Hawthorn

2009/10      Chris Moir                                         Runner up:  Amanda Hawthorn

2008/09     Amanda Hawthorn                             Runner up:  Chris Moir

2007/8:      Amanda Hawthorn                             Runner up: Chris Moir

2006/7:     Mike Baker                                          Runner up: Gina Regester

Whittenbury Salver

(for the most improved pair)

2014/15        Noel Connolly and John O'Neill

2013/14        Bridget Mayfield and David Martin

2012/13       Jane Brown and Elaine Quigley

2011/12       Jim Downie and Larry Doyle

2010/11       Bernard Coode and Geoff Little

2009/10      David Burbidge and Helen Smith

2008/09      Pam Bell and Eleanor James

2007/8:      Christine Townend and Janet Self

2006/7:     John Long and John Archard


Stancer Cup 

2014/15      Jane Brown and Tessa Templeton

2013/14      Saleem Sachak and Steve Foster

2012/13      David Martin and Tessa Templeton

2011/12      Ken Ashcroft and Jenny Brooke

2010/11      Helen Smith and Eddie Edmunds

2009/10      Mike Baker and David Burbidge

2008/9:      Joyce and Vernon Cripps

2007/8:      Alf and Jennifer Clark

2006/7:     Alf and Jennifer Clark

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