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Find a Partner

Using the 'Find a Partner' Feature
(Adding Find a Partner and Removing Find a Partner)

METHOD 1 (easiest)
In the Members Area

1. Log into the Members Area and scroll down to the date you want to 'Find a Partner'.

2. Place a Tick in the First Box (which is PR)...scroll up and Click Confirm

3. At the top you should see the words 'Booking Updated' in Red.

4. Look on the Calendar on that date and you should see your request.

5. To remove your request simply 'untick' the box and click Confirm.


Directly on the Calendar

Once you have used this Feature on a device (PC,Tablet or Phone) your device will remember you and you will not have to go through all the steps.
You will start at Step 7.
However, this Step-by Step will go through ALL the steps as if you've never used it before on your device.

Step 1

Go to any Page on the Website and in the menu (on the left hand side) click on 'Calendar Month' to open the calendar. (Diagram 1)

Diagram 1

Step 2

Now find the date in the Calendar that you want to find a partner for, if it is the following month use the right arrow at the top of the calendar. I have chosen the 14 April 2021
If you are using a PC the Find a Partner box will appear if you 'hover' over it with your mouse. If you are using a phone or tablet you may have to click on the date for it to appear. (Diagram 2)

Diagram 2

Step 3

Click on 'Find a Partner' (Diagram 3)

Diagram 3

Step 4

Now enter your name e.g. Paul McCosker and click 'Check'. (Diagram 4)

Diagram 4

Step 5

Now click 'Remember Me' (Diagram 5) (DO NOT CLICK FORGET ME ON THE NEXT SCREEN)

Diagram 5

Step 6

Click 'Cancel'.

What you have done is set up your device (whatever you are using it to remember you when you come here again to do this). If you have a phone and a tablet you will need to do this once on each device, don't click 'Forget Me'.

Step 7

You should now be back at your Calendar Month and I wanted to Find a Partner for 14 April, 2021. (see Diagram 2).

This time when I click on 'Find a Partner' this box appears (Diagram 6)

Diagram 6

Step 8
Now click 'Add request' and you Calendar Month view should look like Diagram 7

Diagram 7

Now everyone can see that you are looking for a partner and when they hover over that day it will also show your mobile and/or phone so they can contact you.

Find a Partner Removal

When you find a partner and need to make a booking you need to remove your request first. If your circumstances change and you no longer want a partner for that day you should remove the request to save unnecessary phone calls.

To remove the booking you do exactly the same.

Step 1

Go to the date on the date on the calendar where your booking is and click 'Find a Partner'. (Diagram 8)

Diagram 8

Step 2

This time the Website will know it is your device and the following screen will appear (Diagram 9)

Diagram 9

Step 3

Now all you have to do is click 'Remove Request' and you're done.