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Table fees         Members:        $5.00
 Non-members: $6.00
Tokens 11 for $50
Annual Membership:
$40 (Home Members)
$20 (Assc. Members)

Note: Annual Fee's must be paid by 31 Dec
or a new joining fee may be incurred


Buy your tokens online 

Diret deposit into Club A/C

BSB 325185 A/C 38604739

Include your NAME - TOKENS

Website Help

Pages here will assist you in navigating some of the new enhancements.


With the NEW Members Area you have total control over who has access to your Phone, Mobile and Email.
To control your privacy settings, Login to the members area and select 'Account' and scroll down.
The important decisions to make here are:

1. Opt into List Yes/No (Do you want your name to appear on the Members List - available to Members Only)

2. Next 3 questions: Opt in to show mobile/phone/email. Are you happy for some or all of these to be on the Members List - available to Members Only.

3. The last 3 are more important as they relate to the 'Find a Partner' Feature.

4. Select which, if any you want to appear on the Calendar (Public) when you select 'Find a Partner' (Phone/ Mobile/Email). You can still use the feature if you say 'No' to each. It just means that another member will need to look up your details, in the Members List to contact you. Maybe consider just your Mobile here?

5. Remember, your 'Find a Partner' detail is only visible until you get a partner and remove it.

IMPORTANT: After you have considered your exposure of details to other members and to the public and made your selections, you need to scroll back to the top and click 'SAVE', otherwise you will loose all your changes.