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We've created a tab for documenting CMBA history with photos.   If you have a photo(s) of people or events relating to the CMBA or member clubs (active or defunct) that you'd like to see on the web page, please send them to and include a note identifying the people, approximate date and if possible event.    Most of the pictures we have only go back to 2018 so any older pictures would be especially appreciated.

President's Message 2023

As we enter 2023, I hope that face to face bridge continues to prosper.  Unit 113 has had one club close its doors but four others continue to gain new people.  Most frustrating to me is when someone calls to find out about the games, sounds excited, expresses an interest in playing and then does not come.  I am not sure what can be done about it. Please encourage anyone who has expressed an interest to come and play.

Some people have expressed that we should have a night game so that people who work or are students could come and frequent our games.  I think that would be wonderful but we need more directors to run any new games.  We also need new directors to keep our current games going.  It would be horrible to close more clubs or not have games at all due to a shortage of directors/ club managers.  If anyone is even a little interested, please contact me to talk about it.  This is so important to the Central Massachusetts Bridge Association.

We are planning some fun activities for this year.  We will have monthly unit games, hopefully another non-life masters sectional and if any of you remember our ProAm dinner game, we hope to have another this year.  Also possibly a couple of other fun activities which will be a game but also a social event.  If anyone has any other ideas, please let me know.   

I am sending a challenge to our members….try something different, partner with someone you have not played with before, try a different club and/ or come to a unit game. Units games are fun and relaxed and there is always plenty of food!
Hope to see you at a future unit game.  

Happy New Year!

Unit 113 in the top 5000 MPs List
Top 5000 Life Master MPs
Rank MPs Unit Name
1329 6418.74 113 Emond, Bruce
1647 5703.45 113 Seixas, Gerald
1797 5443.73 113 Jacobs, Harris
1857 5365.94 113 Angus, Vicki
3495 3679.03 113 Wolf II, Paul
3696 3546.75 113 Lele, Anand
4454 3153.55 113 Deamer, Donald
4930 2950.88 113 Kilcoyne, Inger Lise
4926 2952.13 113 David, Jeffrey


(28th Nov 2022)