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We've created a tab for documenting CMBA history with photos.   If you have a photo(s) of people or events relating to the CMBA or member clubs (active or defunct) that you'd like to see on the web page, please send them to and include a note identifying the people, approximate date and if possible event.    Most of the pictures we have only go back to 2018 so any older pictures would be especially appreciated.

President's Message 2022

Since COVID has come upon us, the world of bridge has changed.  This incredible and challenging game was confined to the world of on-line games.  Now we are seeing a resurgence of face-to-face bridge in Central Massachusetts and worldwide. 

We are building on a very well attended unit game in April and hoping that attendance throughout the unit will increase. Clubs in Central Massachusetts can only survive with support from you!  The local clubs and day(s)/time(s) of their games are listed on the CMBA website.  If you can play face-to-face please contact the managers/directors listed on our website to get more information or for help finding a partner. We need you to come and play so that we can continue this game that we love. Visit the website and see what is going on in New England.  We are very lucky to have two regionals and one national tournament nearby in the upcoming months. 

In closing, where can you go for six dollars or less and be entertained for three hours or more?  It is a great way to socialize and learn something new every single time. I hope to see you at the bridge table!


President CMBA


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