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We've created a tab for documenting CMBA history with photos.   If you have a photo(s) of people or events relating to the CMBA or member clubs (active or defunct) that you'd like to see on the web page, please send them to and include a note identifying the people, approximate date and if possible event.    Most of the pictures we have only go back to 2018 so any older pictures would be especially appreciated.

President's Message 2024

Bridge Is Alive and Well in Central Massachusetts!!!

Happy New Year Everyone! Bridge in Central MA is thriving. We have new members who are playing, some joining the ACBL, and others not joining, and the Board is completely filled. I am so happy to write that there is a game offered every day during the week and we may start to play two unit games on Saturday each month beginning in the spring. We are planning a Team game in March and discussing other different games in the future. 

We had a very successful Pro/Am last year which fostered members being acquainted with other members. Maybe another one for fall?

We still need directors and people who will become club managers and owners. In order for bridge to continue, members need to think about becoming more active in club responsibility. Please speak to me about this issue and I will be happy to guide you.

Our highly frustrating, wonderful game is beneficial in so many, many ways! Talk to people you know and encourage them to learn to play. They will enjoy meeting all the wonderful members of the Central Massachusetts Bridge Association.

My thanks to every member for your ideas, support, compliments, complaints and all other subjects that you talk to me about. Do not ever hesitate to call me about any issue. I will be very happy to speak to you. 

Thank you. 

Welcome to The Central Mass Bridge Association
The Colorful Shirts of the Men who Play Bridge in Central MA

At the Wednesday Royal STAC game in Westminster on May 22, the men were showing off their colorful shirts as they so often do! This week’s collection includes a shirt from a local soccer club in Sweden as well as shirts from Mexico and Germany. Thanks for making our games so much fun!

Front Row (L-R): Al Berg, Bob Williams, Ron Dionne, Al Cooperman, Bruce Tedford
Back Row: Larry Houston, Tom McNamara, Ernie Peabody, John Ford, Jerry Ellis, Charlie Sampson(NH), Ray Oglesby 

Last updated : May 22, 2024 17:48 CDT
CMBA Directors (& "Helpers") - Swiss Event Training May 21

There will be a meeting on Tuesday, May 21 at 1:30 PM at the Holden Senior Center for all area Directors who are interested in learning about running Swiss Team events. Also, we are seeking one or two "volunteers" who will assist Directors during future CMBA Swiss events. Anyone wishing to learn more should also attend our May 21 meeting.

Swiss events are re-emerging as a popular format, and the CMBA Board has authorized four such events annually. At present, however, we have only one Director experienced in setting up Swiss events, assigning matches, and completely handling scoring through ACBLScore as well as on paper "progress charts." Common sense dictates that CMBA should have at least two – and better, three or more – Directors who are comfortable taking responsibility for Swiss events if we are to continue to offer them.

Our meeting of the 21st will discuss topics such as setup of the room and pre-duplication of boards in order to speed up the event. We will set up, and completely score (it’s easy!), a sample event during our meeting. Even if you are one of our (many) fully-qualified yet inactive CMBA Directors, please consider helping the Unit with Swiss events, either as primary Director or as a helper.

Last updated : Apr 24, 2024 12:04 CDT

WELCOME to the Central Mass Bridge Association, or CMBA Web Site. CMBA is Unit 113 of the ACBL, American Contract Bridge League. Membership is open to all Central Massachusetts contract bridge players who enjoy this challenging, competitive and mind-stimulating card game.

The Greater Worcester area has several games every week at four locations. See below for upcoming games.  Click on the CLUBS in Unit 113 in the upper left hand corner for a list of all clubs with associated club information.

NEWCOMERS are always welcome at CMBA bridge games. Some clubs provide partners if a player arrives 15 minutes before the scheduled game time. To ensure that partner can be provided, please call the club contact, listed under "Clubs". 

DUPLICATE BRIDGE is similar to party or rubber bridge games. Most games are stratified which allows players of similar experience to compete with one another playing the same cards in each session.


Wachusett Bridge Club (NLM) 12:00 PM Holden Senior Center - 1130 Main Street, Holden
Gardner Bridge Club 12:30 PM Westminster Senior Center - 69 West Main Street, Westminster
Grafton Bridge Club 9:00 AM Grafton Senior Center (Crafts Room 1st Floor) - 30 Providence Road, Grafton
Worcester Bridge Club 12:45 PM Auburn Senior Center
Last updated : Aug 1, 2022 08:11 CDT

♠  ♣    If you have any suggestions or comments regarding the information on the CMBA Web Site, please contact Roland Galibert at ♠  ♣  

Updated 01/21/2024 by Roland Galibert

Last updated : Feb 14, 2024 13:45 CST
Club Announcements
Upcoming Regional and Nearby National Events
Upcoming Unit Game


The first unit game of June will be a Swiss teams event and will take place on Saturday, June 22, 2024 at 11:30 AM at the Holden Senior Center.  

As you form a team, please have your captain send a team roster to And if you need help forming a team, please contact Mike Kagen at the same email address and he'll do his best to help you form one.  

If you've never played in a team event, have no fear – team games are fun and easy. Click here to read an article written by Al Berg, it's a quick primer on how team games work.  

2024 Unit Game Schedule

Due to the immense popularity of the March 9 team game, upcoming unit games will include more events in that format as well as a pro-am. Here is the unit game schedule for the remainder of 2024:


Date Event Type Location
June 22 Swiss Holden
June 29 Open Sterling
July 13 Open Sterling
August 10 Open Sterling
August 24 Pro-Am Sterling
September 14 Open Sterling
September 28 Swiss Holden
October 19 Swiss Holden
October 26 Open Holden
December 7 Open Sterling

Please note:

  • All opens are pairs.
  • There will be no game in November.


2023 Mini McKenney and Ace of Clubs Winners


Category - Mini McKenney -
Most masterpoints in clubs
for last year
- Ace of Clubs -
Most pigmented masterpoints
in clubs for last year
0 - 5 Matthew Vea Matthew Vea
5 - 20 Joan Longcope Joan Longcope
20 - 50 Paul Brodeur Paul Brodeur
50 - 100 Mark Killilea Mark Killilea
100 - 200 Bonnie Knapp Ronald Dionne
200 - 300 David Boulay David Boulay
300 - 500 Raymond Oglesby Raymond Oglesby
500 - 1000 Jeff Xiao Joseph Sackett
1000 - 1500 Eric Xiao Charles Rossi
1500 - 2500 Michelle Blanchard Bruce Tedford
2500 - 3500  Rene Frayman Jeffrey David
3500 - 5000  Anand Lele Paul "Tony" Wolf
5000 - 7500 Harris Jacobs Harris Jacobs

Congratulations to all our winners!!!!

Congratulations to the Following Unit 113 Members for Achieving New ACBL MP Ranks! 


January 1, 2023 Unit 113 Rank Achievements Report


NEW BRONZE LIFE MASTERS Michael J Roman Northborough MA US
NEW LIFE MASTERS James W Murphy Sherborn MA US


Unit Leaders in Virtual Masterpoints


Player Category
Bonnie Luks 5000 - 7500
Anand Lele 3500 - 5000
Rene Frayman 2500 - 3500
Michelle Blanchard 1500 - 2500
Michael Roman 500 - 1000
John Lukach 300 - 500
Ernie Peabody 200 - 300
Bonnie Knapp 100 - 200
Dwight Wilbur 50 - 100
Edward Newcombe 20 - 50
Sara Buckingham 5 - 20
Bonnie Hirsh 0 - 5

Congratulations to all!