Mary Beth Bornfleth
Pat de la Montanya
Elisabeth Grossman
Rosemary Heath
Art Herbon
Vandy Lesefko
Jim Merzon
Karen Villa
Ethel Will
Ellen Wu
Gary Yant

Prizes will be distributed at upcoming games.




* Reed Coray
        Winner: Eric Moore
* Pat Delamontanya
        Winner: Nancy Oliveira
* Jim Merzon
        Winner: Jan Zinner
* Chris Moore
        Winner: Eric Moore
* Tom Snow
        Winner: Eric Moore
* Gary Yant

        Winner: Nancy Oliveira


SLO: Saturday, August 10th (Online sign-up here.)



Many games this month are special events and award extra points.  These events are all shown in the Schedule on the website's home page!

July 17, 2024
AG 1:00
(Sign up)
July 17, 2024
AG 12:30
July 17, 2024
SLO 6:00
(Sign up)
July 18, 2024
AG 12:30
(Sign up)
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Partnership Info
Finding a partner

SLO (Monday 12:30 & Friday 12:30):
SLO (3rd Wednesday of the month 6:00 pm):

If you want to request a partner, please contact Don Alderman via email:    dald10.da@gmail.com.

The body of your email must include how you wish to be contacted (email, phone, other).  It is helpful if you include your MP total, general approach (SAYC, 2/1, other)  and any special conventions you like to play.  Your partnership request will be sent to a large group mail list of local players.

If someone on the email list would like to partner with you, they will contact you directly in the manner you specified (email, phone, other).

NOTE:  If you see the group email partner request, and you want to play with that requestor, you must compose a new email (or just call the person).   If you click on "Reply" (or the "reverse arrow", no one will see your reply.

SLO Unit Game (2nd Saturday of the month 12:30):

Partnership requests for the Saturday Unit Game go to Gayle Larson at: gaylelarson@mac.com

Five Cities Duplicate Bridge Club (Thursdays 12:30):

Partnership requests for the Thursday afternoon Five Cities DBC game go to Deb Cameron at: 760-468-2078 or debcameron.d22@hotmail.com.

Five Cities Bridge Lessons and Games (Wednesdays 12:20):

Partnership requests for the lessons and games at Wednesday afternoon Five Cities Bridge go to Tom Snow at: (805) 305-5035 or coinerbop@gmail.com.


Paso Robles (Monday 12:40 & Thursday 12:40):

Any Paso Club partnership requests need to go to  Fred Strong: (805) 801-4778.  There is  no e-mail option.