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SLO: Saturday, July 13th (Online sign-up here.)



Many games this month are special events and award extra points.  These events are all shown in the Schedule on the website's home page!

June 13, 2024
AG 12:30
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June 13, 2024
PASO 12:30
June 14, 2024
SLO 12:30
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June 17, 2024
SLO 12:30
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San Luis Obispo Club

The San Luis Obispo bridge club (locally known as "SLO") is offering open games on all Mondays and Fridays, and a Wednesday evening game once a month.  All of the games are at the San Luis Obispo Senior Center.  The Monday and Friday games are at 12:30 pm and the Wednesday evening game is at 6:00 pm.

Covid policy: there is no requirement for proof of vaccination and masks are optional.

The SLO club charges $8 per game for SLO Senior Center members and $11 for non-members. For all games, please sign up online in advance:   Click on the Game Sign Up menu button, select your game from the list, click Sign Up; then type in your name and your partner's name, select the Sign Up option and then Submit. If you need to cancel, repeat the steps you took to sign up, but this time select the Cancel option and Submit.

Please note:  Table fees are now prepaid using punch cards, good for 10 games/card.
                            Click HERE for additional information and payment options.

In addition, once a month the SLO club hosts a Saturday game sponsored by the 540 Unit.  This is the 2nd Saturday of each month, and the table-fee is $8.00 (cash only).

Club Officers


SAN LUIS OBISPO (SLO) DBC - Board of Directors
 Jack Luxton, President  269-252-0331 jack.luxton1@gmail.com
 Linda Seifert, Vice-President  707-386-9150 elljay4254@gmail.com
 Don Alderman, Treasurer  559-786-6015 dald10.da@gmail.com
 Jan Crossley, Secretary  415-246-7357 crossley@hotmail.com
 Louise Abbott  805-441-2080 labbott@charter.net
 Pat DeLaMontanya  559-280-8632 jdelamontanya@gmail.com
 Bill Donovan  760-567-5433 wwdonovan@gmail.com
   Bob Higgins  909-732-3104 rhiggins805@charter.net
 Reed Coray  805-528-3583 reedcoray@hotmail.com


Club Manager: John J. Fields        phone:  (805) 305-9341
                                                       email:  jfields514@gmail.com

Partnerships:  Don Alderman         phone:  (559) 786-6015
                                                       email:  dald10.da@gmail.com

Our club believes in Zero Tolerance. SLO_Zero-TolerancePolicy.pdf

We also have an Ethics Policy. SLO_EthicsPolicy.pdf




SLO Club -- Meeting Minutes



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