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SLO: Saturday, July 13th (Online sign-up here.)



Many games this month are special events and award extra points.  These events are all shown in the Schedule on the website's home page!

June 20, 2024
AG 12:30
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June 20, 2024
PASO 12:30
June 21, 2024
SLO 12:30
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June 23, 2024
Blacklake 1:00
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SLO Club payments
SLO Club payments (2024)

The table-fee for games at the SLO Club is $8 for members of the SLO Senior Center, or $11 for non-members.  For frequent players at our club, we are issuing punch cards that are valid for up to ten(10) games per card.  We strongly prefer not to  accept cash anymore; the exception to cash payment is the infrequent, drop-in player(s), whom we will accommodate.

These are the methods you can use to purchase your prepaid punch card:

  • Personal check (payable to San Luis Obispo Duplicate Bridge Club, or simply SLO DBC)
  • Zelle (sent to slodirectors@gmail.com)
  • PayPal (see below)
  • Venm0 (see below)
  • Credit card (see below)

(Either of the first two options saves us up to 3% in processing fees.)

When using the online payment options below (PayPal, Venmo, credit card), please note that there are two(2) dropdown menus in the payment section. The first is a selection of the correct table-fee,  between the (default) for being a SLO Senior Center "member" or the slightly higher "non-member" table-fee.  The second dropdown  allows you to select from the default of one card (10 games) to as many as 5 cards (50 games).  The price will be the (table-fee) x (number of games).   (It is possible to have a punch card for fewer than 10 games.)  Make sure your name is on the card you receive, because it is equivalent to cash and cannot be replaced.

Questions?  Please email Don Alderman at dald10.da@gmail.com.

Payment Options (2024)

Pay to Play. Please choose multiple games, such as 10 or more, to help reduce our fees.