SLO: Saturday, Dec. 9th (Online sign-up here.)


AG:  Tom Snow is offering lessons (with a 199er game) on Wednesdays at 12:30.  Sign up here for any Wednesday game.


Many games this month are special events and award extra points.  Dec. 4-9 is a STac week - Silver points!  These events are all shown in the December Schedule on the website's home page!

December 9, 2023
SLO 12:30
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December 9, 2023
SLO 10:30
December 11, 2023
PASO 12:30
December 13, 2023
AG 1:00
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North County Club

The North County bridge club (known locally as "Paso") holds a game on every Monday and Thursday of the month  All games are open, stratified games and are held at 12:30pm in the Paso Robles Senior Center.  They are held on the kitchen side of the main room, directly ahead and to the left of the main entrance.  Our players frequently bring some homemade or purchased snacks for the pleasure of all participants. The Senior Center provides coffee (for a donation), ice water and iced tea.  The “Zero Tolerance” rule is a normal part of our friendly game. Players of all levels are welcome at our games. 

The Club President is Liz Helgerson: (805) 462-9221, and the Club Manager is Fred Strong: (805) 801-4778.

Please pre-arrange your partnerships yourself. If you need assistance, call the Club Manager Fred Strong at least a day in advance of the game.