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Your chance to bid on a game with an expert player in our Unit  -- and donate to a worthy cause -- right here in your local club!
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SLO: Saturday, July 13th (Online sign-up here.)



Many games this month are special events and award extra points.  These events are all shown in the Schedule on the website's home page!

June 13, 2024
AG 12:30
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June 13, 2024
PASO 12:30
June 14, 2024
SLO 12:30
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June 17, 2024
SLO 12:30
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American Contract Bridge League -- Unit 540


Here on the Central Coast of California we have four locations for you to indulge in the best game in the world:  BRIDGE!!

Our SLO Club is located in downtown San Luis Obispo, the AG Club is in Arroyo Grande, the Paso Club is in Paso Robles, and the Blacklake Club is in Nipomo.  The AG Club offers lessons each week, and there is a robust schedule of games throughout the month.  Check out the schedules, addresses and fees here.

New members and guests are always welcome, so please come join us.  If you need a partner, let us know here.

Alzheimer's Fundraiser 2024

The American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) is proud to be a Global Partner of the Alzheimer’s Association, and to participate annually in this fundraiser, held on the Summer Solstice – the longest day of the year.  Activities take place throughout the month and all proceeds go to the Association.

Our ACBL Unit 540 (totaling over 500 members) will hold raffles, auctions, and other special events, beginning with the Friday Unit Game on June 8th in SLO.  We hope you will participate by generously donating items and services.  This is a cause dear to our hearts, and every contribution will be greatly appreciated.

Direct contributions can be made at any game during the month with a check made out to ACBL Unit 540 (with "Alzheimer's" in the memo) and given to Gary Yant, Bud Zeuschner or the Game Director.  (Cash is also accepted.)  Every donor will receive a raffle ticket for prizes drawn at the end of the month.  Winner need not be present.

Another way to contribute is ... AUCTIONs!   And the first AUCTION will be online, starting with the kick-off on Saturday at the Unit Game, and running throughout the month.  "What's being AUCTIONed", you ask?  A game with one of the Unit's best players.  Click on the link below to make your bid!

 Alzheimer's Fundraiser Online Auction

What are NAP Games???

Not an opportunity to take a nap during a sit out or while you are dummy!!!


North American Pairs games qualify players for competition in national competitions. But even if you aren't interested in competing for a national title (!) these games offer extra points.











12:30   Free Lesson by Tom Snow

  1:00   199 Game





12:30 Open Stratified Game, and 199 Game (with 3 table minimum)


Special events:

June 13 - Charity Game

June 20 - Longest Day Game

June 27 - NAP Game








12:30      Open Stratified Game/299 Game


Special event:

June 10 - Quarterly Club Championship

June 17 - Charity Game



Wednesday, June 19 - (3rd Wed. of the month)


6:00 pm   Open Game, Potluck





12:30   Open Stratified Game


Special events:

June 14 - NAP Game

June 21 - Charity Game

June 28 - Father's Day Game - Red points



Saturday, June 8 (2nd Sat. of month)



10:30 MENTORING SESSION for beginning and intermediate players ($8, includes afternoon game). Sign-ups required at Unit Game signup

12:00 Pizza Lunch

12:30   Open Stratified Game/299 Game

Very Special Event:

 >>>The Longest Day Kick-off Auction and Fundraiser







Mondays & Thursdays


12:20   Arrival

12:30   Open Stratified Game

Special Events:

Fred guarantees maximum points allowable by ACBL for the games here this month. Join the fun in Paso...







Sunday, June 23 (4th Sun. of the month)

1:00      Open game




         Have fun. Be kind.

199er games for this month

Five Cities Club is looking for YOU!!!

On Thursdays AG will hold a 199er Game
when there are 3 tables of 199 players.
Come join a warm and friendly game
and have your own group
to score those Masterpoints.

Sign up now for every Thursday this month.

Hope to see you there!

Tom's Corner


Tom continues his regularly scheduled "lesson + game" every Wednesday at 12:30 in AG. The lesson is included as part of a sanctioned 199er game on those days. Sign up here for any Wednesday lesson+game.

The individual lesson slides themselves are available online.

Unit Game Partnership Desk

The next 540 Unit Game is Saturday, July 13, 2024.  If you need a partner, or want to check the list of available partners, visit the new Unit Game Partnership Desk!   Click here to give it a try:

  Unit Game Partnership Desk