The Bridge Center of Greater Lansing
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Board of Directors meetings

Board meetings begin at 4:30pm

March 12, April 9

May 14, June 11. July 9

August 10, October 8 & December 10

Annual Meeting - 12:30pm on June 9









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  Become a Member

Membership in the Bridge Center of Greater Lansing, Inc. is optional.  By becoming a member you share in the decision making process and support the Club’s mission to promote the fun and challenge of bridge and the educational and playing opportunities for bridge enthusiasts in the Lansing area.

Only members have the right:

  • To vote in elections for the Board of Directors;
  • To vote on setting the annual dues and setting the “capital expenditure limitation;
  • To vote on any capital expenditure that exceeds that limitation;
  • To receive notice of all member meetings, annual or special; 
  • To inspect the books of the corporation;
  • To inspect the minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors;
  • To attend meetings of the Board of Directors;
  • To participate in the process for amending the Bylaws.

To become a Member you must pay annual dues.  The dues for 2022 were set at $20 at the 2021 Annual Meeting.

To participate in elections, dues must be paid prior to the Annual Meeting .  Dues may be paid to Rick Johns, Club Manager.  Checks should be made to the Bridge Center of Greater Lansing.  

Snowbirds can mail checks to: 
The Bridge Center of Greater Lansing
235B N CLippert
Lansing MI 48912

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New Life Master
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