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Saturday Lecture Series

Links to handouts and recorded videos for

AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

The BCA has an AED in a cabinet on the south wall of the main room. A short video is available which explains its use.

Charity Games
Charity games award extra masterpoints. The extra charge is split between the ACBL Charity Fund and Posada Esperanza, a local charity the BCA supports which provides shelter for immigrant women and children escaping domestic abuse.
Class Registrations
Request Information on Bridge Offerings at the Bridge Center of Austin

Play of the Hand and Defense Classes Scheduled for January and February

Play of the Hand, Wednesdays, 10-Noon, January 10-31
Defense, Wednesdays, 10-Noon, February 7-28
Taught by Salley Sassen
$80 per course, includes the textbook

Play of the Hand: You have bid your best game - now you need to play it. This class gives you the tools that you need to do that: making a plan, developing tricks through promotion, length, finessing and trumping in dummy. You will also learn about discarding losers, handling entries and managing the trump suit.

Defense: Half of the time in bridge you are on defense. Learn how to make the opponents work for it. This class covers opening leads against notrump and suit contracts, how to play second-hand and third-hand, signaling systems, developing defensive tricks, and interfering with declarer's plans. 

You may register or request more information using the form below.