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Saturday Lecture Series

Links to handouts and recorded videos for

AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

The BCA has an AED in a cabinet on the south wall of the main room. A short video is available which explains its use.

Charity Games
Charity games award extra masterpoints. The extra charge is split between the ACBL Charity Fund and Posada Esperanza, a local charity the BCA supports which provides shelter for immigrant women and children escaping domestic abuse.
Virtual BCA (BBO)

Playing ON BBO - General

If you have not yet played on BBO, please go to this web page:

These are superb tutorials created by Silvana Morici for members of her virtual club, but they apply to any club.

You also may wish to read a general information document on BBO which includes Getting Started, Choosing a Game, Playing a Game,  and general information document on BBO.

Playing on BBO - Club Games

BCA games will have an entry fee of 5 BB$. After you log onto BBO and within two hours of the scheduled game time, first select select Virtual Clubs under FEATURED AREAS, then select ACBL - North America to find the BCAustin Virtual Games. You will find the games listed.  DO NOT look for "BCA." Another club got that acronym before us. Our club is BCAustin. When you find our game, click on the game description. Don't click on the club name on the left. You will get a dialog box. If you have played before, or seen the tutorials above, you will know what to do.

You will not see our game in the menu until two hours before scheduled game time. Your partner must be online for you to register as a pair. Once you register, you can log out of BBO if you wish, but you MUST be back online in BBO a few minutes before game time. If you are offline at game time, your registration will be cancelled.

The games are stratified - 1/3 pairs are A, 1/3 are B, and 1/3 are C.

Ignore the masterpoint awards shown on our Resuts page.. Our website provider is not tightly linked to the ACBL. To get the correct awards go to ACBL Live for Clubs at

Need a Guide? 

BBO can be intimidating at first with all the choices. If you would like someone to personally guide you through the process of signing up, finding games, playing, alerting bids, calling director, etc., we have volunteers who will be happy to help you. You can submit your request via the Suggestion Box (on the right of the Home Page) and someone will email you to pick a time for your learning session.

You may also use our FaceBook page. We have players who are BBO experts who can offer guidance and assistance, plus help answer questions. We encourage you to follow the BCA Facebook page so you can participate in the discussion. Those of you who are "experts" can post your suggestions and support on the page.

ACBL BBO Support Page

Procedures for Posting BBO User names

In order to have your name (rather than your BBO handle) displayed in the results on the Results Calendar and to facilitate getting in touch with other BCA BBO players, players should use the BCA website to find another member’s BBO user name (along with their contact information). Select the Members Only: Contacts tab on the menu. Once logged in, select Account.  The BBO User Name field is at the bottom. Enter your user name and click Save. Go to the Player Directory (Members) tab to see the BBO User Names for those that have been entered. Click on the header for the BBO User Name field, and it will resort the list, putting all those with BBO user names at the top.

Information and advice, based on our experiences so far:

  • BE SURE YOUR ACBL NUMBER IS CORRECT IN BBO. Click on ACBL WORLD on the left, the click on "Update ACBL Number" below.
  • NO MORE ROBOTS. You can no longer play with a robot in our virtual club. It is not fair for you to have "artificial intelligence" as a partner while the rest of us have to partner with mere human beings. If you want to play and you don't have a partner, click on "Partnership Desk" when you get the registration screen. You may see other singles there and you can ask them to play if you wish.
  • CONVENTION CARD. If you do not post a convention card, the system will automatically post a SAYC. Not sure how?
  • YOU MUST SELF-ALERT YOUR ARTIFICIAL BIDS! There were problems in this area yesterday. Your partner will not see your alert but the opponents will. If you do not know how to self-alert, please watch a short tutorial.
  • QUESTION ABOUT YOUR OPPONENTS BID? Don’t use the chat. Click on their bid. This prompts a dialog box for them to use to explain.
  • DO NOT TRY TO EDUCATE YOUR OPPONENTS. Some people are new to BBO and might not understand the rules. Don't "talk to the table" in an attempt to educate them. Even if you have good intentions, your comments could be misinterpreted. Call the director to do the educating.
  • BBO$: Be sure you each have enough money in your BB$ to cover the entry fee before you register. 
  • YOU AND YOUR PARTNER MUST BOTH BE ONLINE WHEN THE GAME STARTS. If not your registration will be cancelled.
  • TABLE LIMIT IS INCREASED. Most of our games have a 30-table upper limit, so you don't need to rush to register two hours before game time.
  • BBO RESULTS ARE NOW POSTED IN THE RESULTS CALENDAR. To have your name (rather than your BBO handle) displayed, enter your BBO User Name in our membership data (see the article below).


BBO Tip - Convention Cards

When you play on BBO, it is extremely important that you have a Convention Card with each partner you play with, just as you would when you play in a live bridge tournament. To help everyone get Convention Cards set up, an instructional video has been posted on YouTube ( It is really helpful to all of us playing when all teams have cards posted.

BBO Tip - Double Dummy

Double dummy is a useful learning and analysis tool for reviewing hands that you have played. For any particular deal, the double dummy result is best result possible in the actual contract when all four players can see all 52 cards.

You can see the double dummy result on any historical hand you have played as follows:

  • Click on the History tab
  • On the top menu bar, click on Recent Tournaments
  • Click on the tournament that contains a hand of interest
  • Click on the hand of interest. It will appear at the bottom right hand side of your screen
  • Click on the blue box with the three hyphens located above and to the left of the hand.
  • From the pop-up window, click on Show Double Dummy

What will appear on the opening leader's cards are small boxes on the bottom right of each card. If a card is led:

  • A green box with an equal sign indicates that the contract can be made on the nose
  • A green box with a number in it indicates the number of overtricks that can be made
  • A red box with a number in it indicates by how many tricks the contract can be set

If you play the hand out by clicking on the blue button Next Card (or Next Trick), the double dummy result will be updated and displayed on each card as it is played. If you want to see what might happen in other contracts that were actually played, click on “Other Tables” at the bottom right of the screen, click on a result that shows the contract you are interested in and select Double Dummy as above.