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Saturday Lecture Series

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AED (Automated External Defibrillator)
AED (Automated External Defibrillator)

The BCA has an AED in a cabinet on the south wall of the main room. A short video is available which explains its use.

Charity Games
Charity games award extra masterpoints. The extra charge is split between the ACBL Charity Fund and Posada Esperanza, a local charity the BCA supports which provides shelter for immigrant women and children escaping domestic abuse.
In Memoriam

We regret to report the loss of the following members:


Judy Hitt in April

Bama Hill in February


Desmond Kidd in November

Sunny Collins in November

Richard Frankeny in October

Ella Windisman in October

Marcia Powell in September

Jim Davis in July

Joyce Lemons in July

Joe Pepe in March

Pat Long in February

Chung Tseng in January


Pete Wheeler in December

Stan Kurtzer in December

Jim Lindsey in August

Paul Burka in August

Bob Grover in July

Joan Smith Klitch in May

Julie Johnson in May

June Mengden in April

Cathy Supple in March

Sheila Moser in February

Ginger Lake in February

Ron Lantz in January


Flora Pettit in November

Bob Bockemuehl in September

Marcy Wallace in June

Aqeel Ansari in June

Hanan Lushkov in May

Sandra Helton in March

Dani Woods in March

Dave Beam in January

Gayle Moyers in January


Lee Ann Barbour in October

Lee Simon in October

Linda Howard in October

Jewel Stewart Dahl in October

Charles Kastner in August

Dolline Burton in May

John Bubb in May

Carol Unruh in May

Pat White in March

John Adams in March

George Shelley in March


John Alan "Jack" Goldhammer in November

Dennis McAdams in November

George Shia in November

Charlie Aufill in November

Ruben Ramirez in September

Harriette Bowles in August

Marianne Schmitz in March

Jan McLaurin in February 

Pat Martin in February


Edna Whitworth in December

Paul Levihn in December

Gary Powell in October

Karen Snyder in September

Vivian Collins in April

Jim Browne in January

Dave Garman in January


Mickie Robinson in December

Sig Dahl in November

David Myers in July

Wayne Jameson in June

Betty Daniel in May

John Taylor in April

Louise Kennedy in April

Ellie Robinson in March 

Bill Hammack in March 


Jerry Jungmichel in October

Dale Irish in October

Steve Bruce in September

Elaine Martin in August

Meme Eanes in July

Charles Eanes in July

Billie Banks Valentine in July

Brian Clark in June

Alan Laverty in June

Marti McLain in May

Jim Wueste in April

Eli Margolin in April

Herbert Marks in February


Mary Kurio in November

Paul Kelley in November

Ann Bower in October

Chuck Fatino in October

Al Inks in July

Robert Marcott in July 

Patsy Hood  in June 

Frank Anderson in February 

Marge Bartel in March

Peggy Stewart in March


Carol Kiehl in December 

Maddy Bergen in November

Gosia Jurczyńska and Bob Williams in August

Almeda Hunter and Ria Riley in July

Charles Tillery in June

Mike Lowey in May

Li Eckert in April

Pug Mahon and Brock Hudson in March

Donna Williams in February 

Pat Carpenter in January

Tom Bullington in November
Jim Brown in October
Bob Pflugbeil in August
Jeff Haines and Wes Walker in April

Jerry Bigler in June
Lydia Bearden in July
George Pisk in March
LeAnn Merrifield in July
Millie Sherrod in September
Roundman Hurst in November
Gene Cavanaugh and Martha Bullington in December