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Paul Tobias will teach a free lesson on Saturday, June 22 at noon.  Topic: "Counting Your Way to Better Bridge."

Click here for Intermediate/Advanced lesson notes, compliments of Unit 207.

Unit 207 Lecture Series
NAP Qualifying Games

North American Pairs (NAP) qualifying games are held in June, July and August. During those months,  the BCA will hold one or two NAP qualifiers per month for each weekly sanctioned session. $8.00 entry fee, extra dollar is required by ACBL. Red and black points, 82% Sectional rating. 


NAP Qualifying Games

Click HERE to listen to a radio interview (KUTX) with Simone Scumpia and Beth Tobias talking about the game of bridge.

Free Meals
Free Meals

Free pre-game meal every Wednesday evening 7:00 pm and every Friday morning 11:30 am.

Score Correction Policy

The procedure is for the player to e-mail the game Director with 1) the board number, 2)  the table number, and 3) the pair numbers for both NS and EW. The email must include CC:s to the opponents and the Club Manager Mark McAllister (markmc888@gmail.com). If the correction is not obvious, at least one of the opponents must confirm via email. 24-hour time limit for corrections.

Fragrance Policy

Fragrance Policy


It is the policy of the BCA to provide a pleasant environment where Bridge can be played. The following are examples of potential sources of offending scents:


Perfumes and Colognes

Tobacco Smoke

Other heavy scents/odors


If any player experiences a problem with a scent in the Club, they should call the game Director.   It will be up to the game Director to determine the source of the problem.  If the source is another player, the Director will inform the player they are in breach of this policy.  The offending player will be put on notice that they must remedy the problem to be able to play at the Club again, or if the scent is so egregious, they must remove themselves from the facility immediately.