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Score Correction Policy

The procedure is for the player to e-mail the game Director with 1) the board number, 2)  the table number, and 3) the pair numbers for both NS and EW. The email must include CC:s to the opponents and the Club Manager Mark McAllister (markmc888@gmail.com). If the correction is not obvious, at least one of the opponents must confirm via email. 24-hour time limit for corrections.

Weekly E-newsletter

The BCA has a weekly E-newsletter to inform patrons of upcoming special games and events.  To subscribe, please email Mark McAllister - markmc888@gmail.com.

Charity Games
Charity games means extra masterpoints. The extra dollar charged for these games is split between the ACBL Charity Fund and Posada Esperanza, a local charity the BCA has chosen to support which provides shelter for immigrant women and children escaping domestic abuse.
Welcome to the Bridge Center of Austin

Welcome to the Bridge Center of Austin where the best game in the world is played everyday. We offer a variety of friendly open, beginning/intermediate games and a full array of classes. All of our games feature pre-duplicated boards, hand records and tabletop scoring devices. Our address is 6700 Middle Fiskville Road, Suite 408, Austin, TX  78752

North American Pairs (NAP)

Qualifying games are held in June, July and August. During those months,  the BCA will hold one or two NAP qualifiers per month for each weekly sanctioned session. See the calendars for dates. $8.00 entry fee; extra dollar is required by ACBL. Red and black points, 82% Sectional rating.

Unit 207 Intermediate Mentor Program

Click here for more information. Application is due August 1 and is available at the BCA or on-line


Need a Partner?

If you need a partner for a BCA club game, call Robin Tucker at 512.917.1133 or email her at austinreztx@gmail.com.  Standby partners are also available at the following games. If you come without a partner, you must arrive at least 15 minutes before the start of the game or before the lesson if there is a pre-game lesson.

Monday 0-100 game (10:30) 1 LM/Max (11:30 am)
Monday Eve Open game (7:00 pm)
Tuesday 0-500 game (10:30 am)
Wednesday 0-350 game (10:30 am)
Wednesday Eve Open game (7:00 pm) 
Friday Open game
(11:30 am)

Friday 0-50 game (1:00 pm)
Saturday 0-50 game (1:00 pm)


Free Play & Meals 
Bring a bridge player new to the BCA and you will both play for free!
Free pre-game meal Wednesday evenings (7 pm) and Friday mornings (11:00 am)
Wed July 17, 2019
NAP Qualifier
7:00 PM Open
Director: Harry Ingham
Thu July 18, 2019
Charity Game
11:30 AM Open
Director: Harry Ingham
Fri July 19, 2019
NAP Qualifier
11:30 AM Open
Director: Jack Lacy
Club Championship
NAP Qualifier
Charity Game (corrected)