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Welcome to Bridge Center

Welcome to the Bridge Center of Rockford website. We are a registered member of the American Contract Bridge League. The Bridge Center of Rockford is known for the quality of its programs and hospitality toward our members. Our member-owners have put a lot of effort into making our club a relaxed, friendly, and spirited place to play bridge. We welcome you to enjoy a great game at one of the country's leading Bridge Clubs. We have 5 face to face weekly games with various levels of masterpoint limits, including 2 novice games for newer players. We also have 3 games on Bridge Base Online.

Our games are duplicate game sanctioned by the American Contract Bridge League (ACBL) and are open to the public. 

The Bridge Center offers classes in both contract and duplicate bridge. Novice games on Monday night, Wednesday morning and Friday afternoon provide plenty of opportunity for newer players to become more confident before meeting tougher competition. Seven other games during the week, centered on various levels, give members the opportunity to master the game.

What the Bridge Center offers our members:
Novice Games - There are a total of 2 novice games each week. Novice games are on Monday morning and Thursday morning. The games provide opportunities for newer players to become confident with their play before meeting tougher competition. We also offer a free lesson before the game on Thursday morning.(BBO) for those players who enjoy playing at home.

Bridge Lessons - Two different classes are available at the Bridge Center:

  • Mini Lesson (Burt Moore, Teacher) meets on Thursdays 9:30-10:30 AM
  • Intermediate Novice Klass - Two over One (Don Malone, teacher) meets on Fridays 9:30-11:30AM

Online Games on Bridge Base - BBO is the most popular online bridge organization. Players can participate in virtual Bridge Center of Rockford games with three weekly games (Open Stratified).

  • Tuesday at 6:30 pm
  • Thursday at 2:00 pm
  • Sunday at 2:00 PM

Our Club is in Unit 239 and District 8 of the ACBL.

Our Club was founded in 1986 and incorporated as 501(c)(7) member-owned organization in 2007 fosters interpersonal relationships in the greater Rockford community, bridging the gap in online gaming by providing an arena where players sit down together, play as partners and interact on a more personal level.  The Club gives bridge instruction to those who desire to learn the game or improve their skills.  The Club is a membership organization that is governed by a board of directors who are elected at the Club's annual membership meeting and there are currently 200 members of the Club.  



Web Site
Web Site
Important Information
Important Information
Welcome to Bridge Center of Rockford
Open Game Schedule
Date Time Game
Monday 9:30 AM 0 - 999 MPs
  12:30 PM Open Stratified
Wednesday 12:30 PM Open Stratified 
Partner Guaranteed
Thursday 9:30 AM 299 Mini-Lesson
Game at 10:30 AM
  10:30 AM 0 - 99 MPs
  6:30 PM Open Stratified
Friday 12:30 PM 0 - 299 MPs
  12:30 PM Open Stratified



Online / Virtual Games
Date Time Game
Tuesday 6:30 PM Open Stratified
Thursday 2:00 PM Open Stratified
Sunday 2:00 PM Open Stratified
November 8, 2023
Open Stratified
BCR 12:30
November 9, 2023
299 Mini-Lesson
BCR 9:30
November 9, 2023
0 - 99 MPs
BCR 10:30