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Bridge Club Rentals
Bridge Club Rates

Tables are charged at a full rate; no partial tables – round up to the next whole number.  Combine the whole or partial totals for multiple sections or flights in order to arrive at one total table number.  Bid and play games as an integral part of lessons are charged as a hall rental, not as a bridge game (unless separate table fees are collected).


1 - 20 tables                  $10 each table to a maximum of          $200.00

Above 20 tables              Flat rate of                                            $200.00


The Calgary Bridge Centre will provide convention cards, pencils, use of printer, bidding boxes, bridgemates, table markers, tables, chairs, table covers and use of dealing machine. 

We will be providing coffee, tea-bags and hot chocolate to patrons at a rate of $1.00 per cup (each pod, tea-bag, or serving of hot chocolate).  Soft drinks and flavoured or carbonated waters are $1.00 per can and $2.00 per bottle.  Plain bottled waters are $1.00 each.  There is no charge for the use of cold and hot water from the filtered water dispenser machine.  All the usual condiments for beverages will be supplied at no additional cost to the clubs. 

Each Club Manager or Director-in-Charge is requested to carryout basic cleaning after each game.  A list of the expected basic cleaning up tasks will be posted in the Director area.   The Calgary Bridge Centre will have more thorough cleaning carried out several times a week via a commercial cleaning service.   If there is a need for additional clean-up after a bridge game, we ask that you do so (e.g. mop up coffee spills or spilled water).  Our additional cleaning fee is $100.00/hour which reflects our actual cost.