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Tuesday 7th November, Newark

We have a received a few enquiries about the Cafe Bridge event in Nottingham
We will not be running an event in April 2024 but we hope to be back in Newark in October/November.
We will contact you with details nearer to the time
CBN privacy statement

How is your data stored?

The data is mainly stored in digital form on computers and on computer printouts kept by one or more of the organisers, as identified on the Nottingham Café Bridge website. We use Bridgewebs and information that is stored remotely there is stored in compliance with the GDPR.

Who is responsible for ensuring compliance with the relevant laws and regulations?

Under the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) we do not have a statutory requirement to have a Data Protection Officer. The person who is responsible for ensuring Café Bridge Nottingham discharges its obligations under the GDPR is Tony Brook, the principal contact of the organisers identified on the CBN BridgeWebs website.

Who has access to your data?

The organisers of Café Bridge Nottingham have access to members’ data in order to carry out legitimate tasks for café bridge events. 

What is the legal basis for collecting this data?

Café Bridge Nottingham collects personal data that is necessary for the purposes of its legitimate interests as an organisation and participant in an internationally recognised and regulated, competitive mind sport.

How you can check what data we have about you?

If you want to see the data we hold about you, you should contact any member of the organisers as identified on the CBN website. 

Does Café Bridge Nottingham collect any “special” data?

The GDPR refers to sensitive personal data as “special categories of personal data”. We do not record any such special data. 

How long we keep your data for, and why?

We will delete any CBN participant’s contact details entirely if requested by the player concerned. 
Since underlying statistical data, like scores from bridge games, continues to be necessary in relation to the purpose for which it was originally collected and processed, results from events are not deleted by Café Bridge Nottingham although they will no longer be attributed to a player who does not want their data to be kept.

Historical ranking lists and prize lists are required for archiving purposes and names cannot be removed from them.