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Tuesday 7th November, Newark

We have a received a few enquiries about the Cafe Bridge event in Nottingham
We will not be running an event in April 2024 but we hope to be back in Newark in October/November.
We will contact you with details nearer to the time
BriAn Scoring system

We will be using the BriAn scoring system at Newark - see

At our two events in 2018 we invited participants use their smart ‘phones or tablets and this proved to be very successful.

WE WOULD VERY MUCH APPRECIATE IT IF YOU COULD VOLUNTEER TO USE YOUR SMART ‘PHONE OR TABLET IF IT WORKS ON 4G. We need sufficient volunteers to ensure that each table has at least one device.

Please note:

a) It is NOT a requirement to have a smart ‘phone or tablet in order to participate. There have been a sufficient number of volunteers for the system to work very successfully.

b) Participants who use their smart ‘phones or tablets do so at NO COST. Café Bridge Nottingham pays BriAn out of the registration fees.

c) The system is completely secure.

We are very grateful to participants who volunteer to help in this way. It obviates considerable capital expense.


TD Instructions


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