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Tuesday 7th November, Newark

We have a received a few enquiries about the Cafe Bridge event in Nottingham
We will not be running an event in April 2024 but we hope to be back in Newark in October/November.
We will contact you with details nearer to the time


15th October 2019



Registration will take place in 3 stages between 9.30 and 10.10 a.m. at THE RAM. It will be helpful to the registration process if you can be there as a pair, but we do understand that this may not always be possible

Please note registration will not open before 9.30 a.m. so if you arrive earlier you will have to wait before registering. During this time the bar at The Ram will be open and copies of the cafe menus will be available for you to view.

  1.      Initial Registration


          This will take place to the right of the main entrance from Castle Gate in “The      Ram”, an appropriate sign will show you where. Here you will be checked in   and allocated either a N/S or E/W pairing; the first 20 of those who have           agreed to use their own phones for scoring on the BriAn system will be          allocated the N/S placing; everyone else will be allocated an E/W pairing.

  1.       Choosing Your Cafe

          Once you have completed the initial registration you will proceed upstairs to         the Cafe Registration Area where you will be able to select your choice of cafe          for lunch (first come, first served). You will need to present your N/S or E/W card before we can register you at your cafe of choice.

          As you register, each pair will be given two “Movement Cards” which set out       all the instructions for the bridge hands later in the day. These cards will show       which cafe you should play each round at, which boards you will play and the          pair numbers of your various opponents. You can use these to record all the    contracts played. It is essential that you keep these throughout the day.


          You will also be given the menu for the cafe you have chosen to help you decide what you would like to eat.

  1.       Ordering Your Lunch

          In order to make ordering your lunch less time consuming, we are again          adopting the system used in Nottingham, where you will actually make your           lunch choices before leaving registration for your first venue.

          Once you have registered and collected your “Movement Cards”, please decide     what you would like to order for lunch from the special pre-set menu for the    cafe you have chosen. There will be a separate section in the registration area     where we will have organisers who will record your lunch choices, they will    need to know your pair numbers from your “Movement Card”, ideally your           name and what you want to eat; they will then confirm your choices with           you. Please also make a note on your menu copy, the back of your “Movement    Card” or anywhere else you choose, of your and your partner’s food choices.

You can order any 2 courses from the menu, starter and main, starter and sweet, or main and sweet.

          While you are enjoying your first round of bridge, we will make sure everyone     has made their choices, but if some have forgotten, we are able to know where you are and can check with you as you play. Once we have everyone’s choices         we will then ensure that each cafe has a full list of what everyone has ordered           which should help them provide an even better lunch service, giving you more          time to relax before the afternoon’s bridge.

          As this is a relatively new system, please help us by ordering your lunch   choices as soon as possible after getting your “Movement Cards”.

Anyone using their phones for scoring who needs some help will then be able to take advantage of Keith Spencer’s friendly expertise.

Once you have completed the cafe registration process, including choosing your lunch, you are free to enjoy the coffee, or tea, and biscuits that are provided, to check on the Lincs and Notts Air Ambulance stand and to spend some time talking to friends. Hopefully you will also succumb to the charms of our sellers and buy some raffle tickets to raise extra funds for our charity.

Around 10.15 there will be an introductory welcome, some last minute instructions and introductions to the Cafe Directors - your group leaders for the day -  before you set off to your first venue around 10.30.

We would appreciate your co-operation in ensuring a smooth registration process, not only for those of you who are returning once again, but also for those for whom this is their first Cafe Bridge event.

Play During the Day

You will play 3, 2 board hands at each of 5 venues. Your “Cafe Director” will supervise this process.

You will have your 2 course lunch at your 3rd venue; your meal, which you will have pre-ordered, will be served around 13.35 p.m. after you have played all 3, 2 board rounds at this venue; all first courses will be served together.

If you wish to purchase any drinks or further items at any of the venues, these will be at your own expense.

After lunch you will proceed to your last 2 venues, before returning to The Ram for our final get together.

We have scheduled all the events to try and ensure that the day can run smoothly, avoiding unnecessary waiting but still allowing enough time to play the hands, have a leisurely lunch and make your way to your next venue; if you have any problems, please talk to your “Cafe Director”, but please try to avoid falling behind.

Final Get Together

Our final round up will take place at The Ram when you get back around 4.45 p.m to unwind and enjoy a free drink – wine or orange juice. We will then draw the raffle and present the prizes to the day’s winners, followed by “thank you’s” before you brave the traffic on your way home.

We hope you have a thoroughly enjoyable day which we hope to finish around 5.15p.m.