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Bank Details

Account County Bridge Club; Sort code 40-28-06; Account number 41071378. 

Lessons Documents

There are four types of document for each lesson:


1. Student Documents and Hands
These contain in a single,  page numbered pdf document


  • Lesson Notes
  • The Hands, usually  1-8
  • Quizzes


2. Presentations
Here, you can link to a presentation which will open in your browser. If it's not showing as a slide show then click 'Slide Show' in the top ribbon and then "From Beginning" on the left of Slide Show Ribbon. If you are having difficulties loading and running the presentation then we also provide it in pdf format. 


3. Teacher and Assistant Teacher Packs
These contain in a single, page numbered pdf document


  • Teacher notes
  • Everything in the Student Documents and Hands


4. Lin (hand) files
These are for teachers and assistant teachers only and are the files for uploading into your BBO Deal Archive. Click on the Lin file link and the file automatically downloads into your downloads folder ready for uploading to BBO.


To access the documents and links
Find what you want, then click anywhere inside the white box. The PDFs will open in your browser. Then you can print them by clicking on the printer icon on the right of bar above the document.


Colour coding : Year 1 Getting Started: Green, Year 2 Building Your Skills: Orange, Year 3 Taking Acol Further: Red


If you have any problems contact Ian on the 'Contact Us' page

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