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Student Holiday:

Our friends at Charnwood Bridge Teachers are organising a Bridge Weekend in Harrogate for Year 2 and Year 3 students, and improvers
Last updated : 21st Dec 2022 18:38 GMT

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31st Jan 2023
Lesson 14
Opener's Rebids
on Minimal Hands
31st Jan 2023
Lesson 35
Opening Bids
31st Jan 2023
Lesson 54
The Contested Auction
The Law of Total Tricks
7th Feb 2023
Lesson 15
Ruff in the Dummy
or Draw Trumps
7th Feb 2023
7th Feb 2023
Lesson 55
Suit Combinations
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A guide to Vu-Bridge

Vu-Bridge is a bridge learning platform that works well with our lessons as Paul Bowyer is a Vu-Bridge author and the author of our teaching material. Our lessons comprise a total of 69 chapters of which, roughly, the first 20 are in our Year 1, the next 20 are in our Year 2 and the rest are Year 3 and advanced. Vu-Bridge modules are called Year 1, Year 2 and Year 3, each with 24 "issues". Some of our Year 2 Chapters are covered in Vu-Bridge Year 1 issues.


If you are interested we believe the appropriate subscriptions for you are Year 1 (without the bundle) for Year 1, Year 1 and Year 2 (without the bundle) for Year 2. The reason the bundles are not appropriate for Year 1 and Year 2 is that the quizzes that come with the bundle are at a more advanced level and include systems other than Acol. The cost of Year 1 is $49.99 (about £39) and Year 2 is the same. It is not an annual subscription, you retain the issues once purchased.


Click here for guide to how our lessons correlate with Vu-Bridge issues.

Click here for guide to subscribing to Year 1.

Click here for guide to subscribing to Year 2.


Year 3 decisions are a little more complex. Year 2 and Year 3 are appropriate for you but looking more long term you might enjoy the VuBridge Improvers Bundle for $159.95 which also includes Defender Level 1 and Slam Level 2 plus (for a year) quizzes. The only thing to bear in mind is that you will have to be careful in stick to the Acol authors as far as bidding is concerned which can be a bit confusing. Anyway Year 2 and Year 3 on there own is a cheaper option at (2 * $49.99) with less material.


Click here for guide to subscribing to Year 3.


We reiterate that Vu-Bridge is certainly not a requirement for our courses, it is entirely up to you, but if you do decide to dabble then any feedback should be appreciated.

Last updated : 24th Nov 2021 11:52 GMT
Members Areas

Please use the members area to access:

  • Lesson documents (student and teacher notes, presentations and hand files). These will be accessible after each lesson.
  • Help with BBO and zoom.
  • A members list to enable you to keep in contact with Teachers, Assistant Teachers and fellow Students.
  • The "members only" area which, in particular, includes your personal details under the "account" tab which you can amend. If you want a picture adding to your account then please send an image through "Contact Us".

Whilst registration is being sorted out the Lesson Documents for current lessons are accessible to all students. If you have any difficulties getting the presentations to work please contact us. They should open up in your browser, and when it has opened up click on "Slide Show" and "From Beginning".

Last updated : 12th Oct 2021 16:14 BST
County Bridge Club

County Bridge Club teachers are the teaching section of the County Bridge Club.

Click here to redirect to the County Bridge Club website.

To return to this website - press the left arrow as you would when doing any normal web search.

Last updated : 25th Sep 2021 15:18 BST
Teachers and Assistant Teacher Resources

Guidance on the resources for Teachers and Assistant Teachers can be found under the "Teachers and ATs" menu tab.

Last updated : 3rd Oct 2021 17:31 BST