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This year our AGM will be 'live' at St. Oswald.

Below are the links to various documents.† There is also a form so you can tell us you are coming.† NOTE - Refreshments will be served after the AGM but we need numbers - Priority for refreshments will be to those members who have responded.

AGM 2022 Annual Report

AGM 2022 Financial Report

AGM 2022 Agenda

Draft Minutes of last year's AGM

Ben Norton

Hands from the Bermuda Bowl with Ben Norton

The Ups and Down of a World Championship

2 sessions featuring England's progress in the 2022 Bermuda Bowl

Wednesday 29 June 2022 7.00 pm - 9.30 pm

Wednesday 6th July 2022 7.00 pm - 9.30 pm

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Newsflash 1

Are the seminars the same? Both seminars follow the same format: play, score and discuss, but they feature different sets of 8 deals - 16 in total over both sessions. Specially selected by Ben, they highlight challenges, triumphs and disasters faced by our England Team in the Bermuda Bowl. Bring you partner and see if you can beat the scores from the competition. Better still bring a full table to represent your Club and see how you all do.

Newsflash 2

Do you need to be an expert to enjoy Benís seminars? No way - youíll play an 8 board match (16 in total over both seminars), with hands selected from the Bermuda Bowl, against your fellow Leicestershire players. Then youíll score up with your England Team mates! See if you can spot the boards that were the outstanding successes or the disasters for the England Team. Remember £5 on the night. Bring your friends.

Newsflash 3

Have you signed up for one or both of Benís seminars yet? Weíve never had a World Championship player in Leicestershire before so donít miss this unique opportunity to play the same hands dealt to Ben and his England team mates in the Bermuda Bowl. Donít delay! See the article in English Bridge Magazine about Benís 6Heart contract and come along to talk to him about playing at the very top of our game.

Newsflash 4

Who will be assisting Ben? Weíre pleased to announce that Simon Stokes and Lucy Pathan will be there for both seminars. Simon will add his unique slant to Benís commentary and Lucy will be chief scorer. And, of course, Ian, our Chairman, will prepare the boards. We would like to challenge our attendees with a question. Who also represented Leicester as a World Class Bridge Player who was twice a European Teams winner, twice Olympic Champion, twice Venice Cup silver medalist and one of only a handful of British World Grand Masters. Please let Ian know your answer and we will put your name in a hat for a prize draw at the first lecture.