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Honorary Life Members
Ian Walkerdine - Life Membership Award

The Trustees of County Bridge Club are delighted to announce that
Ian Walkerdine has been awarded Honorary Life Membership
in recognition of the service he has given and
his substantial input to the club through his work as Chairman and Tournament Secretary over many years.
Congratulations Ian, this is well deserved


After the 2019 AGM a proposal was received from a member, Cynthia James, that Ian should be made an Honorary Life Member of the club. Stephen Ashley seconded the proposal. Cynthia’s proposal included the following:
In support of my proposal, I would like to re-iterate that although I have played no part in the most recent and finally successful effort to relocate the Club, I certainly have first-hand experience of the frustrations endured through the many previous attempts to find a suitable alternative venue. Endurance became a by word! Throughout this time Ian has shown both great patience and persistence and the fact that finally, he has managed to oversee the Club's successful relocation and enhance its own potential future viability, is an achievement which surely now deserves the Club's own formal recognition.
On 5th July 2019 the trustees agreed unanimously that Ian be awarded Honorary Life membership. It was planned to present Ian with a trophy commemorating this at our next AGM in June 2020.
Well you know what happened next. A pandemic. Our 2020 AGM had to be held remotely. We decided we would wait to present Ian with his trophy until we could do it face to face. We thought this might happen in September. But alas this was thwarted and now we are in a further lockdown. So, as the trophy is nearing its ‘sell by’ date of 2020, which is engraved on it, we have presented Ian with his trophy at a Trustee Zoom Meeting attended by the other Honorary Life members of the club.
However as soon as we can meet face to face there will be a formal presentation and a party to celebrate, a big party with bubbly, cake and proper speeches and lots of people.

Frank Travers, Chairman, being congratulated by Peter Halford after his election as Honorary Life Member.

List of Life Members

2022 K Boulter
2022 A Byrne
2020 I D Walkerdine
2011 F S Travers
2007 P G Halford
2005 N A Williams
2002 D F Pollard
2000 B H Harris (Mrs)
1992 R A Smith
1992 H M Markham
1991 C E Chadwick (Mrs)
1986 N S Wilde
1986 A N Odams
1980 R W Buckby
1979 A B Hammersley
1975 D B Smith

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