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Our bank details are:

Account County Bridge Club; Sort code 40-28-06; Account number 41071378. 

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Minutes and Newsletters

Minutes of Trustees and Committee meetings andAGM meetings, together with copies of Newsletters can be found in "Members Area".


Duplimating Mar - April 2024

Teaching - Charles G
All Other - Anthea B

Club Contact Info.

Charity No. 1179979

Mobile 07572170932
To contact a committee member, use the 'Committee / contact' menu item above.
To send an email to the club
When Club is openTel 01162871253


If you want any information shown on this site or see any errors, please contactIan Walkerdine. Use the Committee/contact us menu item.

Everything BBO


How to quicken your chat

We recommend you make yourself familiar with "Chat Manager"

You can type messages into your chat manager and save them. A good message to store is your basic system, particularly if you are playing something different. You could store a message "Hi Opponents, We play Acol 4 card majors 12/14 NT with three weak twos."

Then every time a new round starts you can send the message to Table without it taking typing time.

You might also like to store standard replies to queries about your system, for example an explanation of what your multi two diamond opener means.

To find your way around Chat Manager click BBO Chat Manager in the left side menu

Reveal yourself!

It is nice to know who you are playing. Make sure that in Account tab > Profile > Real name you put your name in. Even if you want to keep your identity hidden in other competitions, in club play we expect you to have your name filled in. If you are at the table and not sure who you are playing click on your opponents user name and select the "Show Profile" option. That should reveal all.


Please claim as soon as you can, it speeds up the game. Remember that defenders can claim as well as declarer if they know the situation.

Where to find us on BBO > Competitive > All Tournaments

This is the view you get when you sign into BBO and enter the Competitive area followed by All Tournaments. You want the pending tab. Event start time is 13:15 but register well before that to allow time for any problems.

  1. In the search bar (top right)  enter vEBU, this will list just those tournaments run by EBU virtual clubs.
  2. The County Bridge Club host will always be vEBU207910.
  3. To chat to the director (host) click on the gray box where you see vEBU207910.
  4. To enter the tournament click the white area containing "County Bridge Club Fri .....".
  5. One of the pair registers the pair, the other member of pair receives an invitation to accept. Know your partners BBO UserName and best to have you partner as a "Friend" in the People Tab..
  6. The event will not appear as pending until 2 hours prior to the event, so will not show now for instance.
If you are disconnected while in a duplicate session
  1. Don't panic!!
  2. If you lose connection and then log back in you will automatically be taken back to your seat. This will happen immediately if no substitute has been brought in and at the end of a hand if a substitute has been used.
  3. Once we are up and running the event will show in the running tab. So if you are struggling to get back to the table find us in the running tab and click on the host to Chat.
  4. You will not be able to "Chat" to your partner during the session so Chat to host is the option you should take.
Don't forget to buy your BB$
UNDOs will not be allowed

The EBU best advice is to bar the use of the UNDO button for mis-clicks, and all our duplicate sessions will follow that advice. The reason is that it removes all problems of whether the UNDO is for a mis-click or a change of mind as well as preventing a delay in the bidding or play. A mis-click is more likely to damage the pair mis-clicking than the opposition but in the event that it does damage the opposition there is regrettably no redress, the director will rule that you have to live with the apparent injustice. The mis-click must not be brought to the attention of the partner and there is no obligation to volunteer the mis-click to the opposition.

If you are prone to mis-clicks then we strongly recommend you change your Account tab > Settings > Confirm bids / Confirm cards to ON so that you have to confirm with bids with an OK button and click a card twice to play.