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Audrey Grant's Better Bridge

Sometimes basic guidelines aren’t enough. We’re South holding this hand. East the dealer opens 1 and it’s our call:


We need more than the basic guidelines. This hand is too strong for an overcall which tends to show about 7 – 17 points and a good suit. Yet jumping to 2 or 3are preemptive bids showing a good suit but a weak hand.


What can we do?


We can use the games most flexible call, the Double. This guarantees that we’ll get another chance during the auction to show our spades. Either partner will bid because the double is forcing, or the opponents will come into the auction again, and we get another chance to describe our hand and show the strength and our good spade suit.

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Members News

From the committee........

22 April, 2021

Dear Member, 

It gives us great pleasure to write to you with the latest news from the Cayman Islands Bridge Club. The Club is incorporated, it has new dedicated premises, and a newly formed Committee, a team of nine members keen to make the Club a success.

Whilst our goal is for the Club to be financially self-sufficient, we are and will remain grateful to our generous donors and benefactors who have made this project possible.

Moving forward, we have formed a number of sub-committees charged with the operation and development of the Club in various areas:

Alex Wood, who was elected as Club Treasurer and Secretary will be responsible for the club finances 

Jennifer Woodford will be managing game attendance, coordinating directors, as well as director recruiting and training

Renee Edwards and Trish Yonnet will be heading our social media exposure, web site design and coordination of content, public relations as well as local marketing

Helen Haines will be in charge of training, classes and recruitment of teachers

Jill Wood will be responsible for the Club’s facilities at Cannon Place, including liaising with the landlord, repairs, security, supplies and housekeeping

Cliff Shaw will be tasked with setting and improving standards of etiquette and play skills within the club

Maria Butler will be heading the club social activities

Claude Yonnet will be charged with the operation and development of technologies used by the Club including computers, software, TV applications, Internet and WiFi

With the Club improving and becoming better known, we will continue to increase membership through teaching new beginners and improvers. As tourists and property owners return to the island - hopefully later this year -, we also expect more visitors to join our duplicate tournaments thanks to targeted local marketing to hotels and strata managers. We will keep you updated regularly with news of what is happening at the Club, innovations, and forthcoming events. We look forward to your continued support and to see you at the bridge table!

The Cayman Islands Bridge Club Committee

Alex Wood (Treasurer and Secretary) . Renee Edwards . Helen Haines (Vice President) . Cliff Shaw . Liz Watkins . Trish Yonnet . Jennifer Woodford . Ernest Jehangir . Claude Yonnet (President)



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