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Message to Members

Please remember to arrive 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.  This will give the Director time to input everyone into the computer without game delays.  On the rare occassion when you are running late, please text the Director with your ETA.  Thank you.   ♠  ♣ 

Welcome to Cayman Islands Bridge Club

Duplicate Bridge has been a social pastime in the Cayman Islands for nearly 50 years, started by Michael Cantin in the old Cayman Arms pub. Sir Vassal Johnson who lived in Georgetown was Cayman’s first Financial Secretary, also the first Caymanian to be knighted by the Queen was a quiet, dignified, gentleman who loved to play Bridge. He was Cayman’s Bridge club champion for years.

At the Cayman Islands Bridge Club, we play with the emphasis not so much on winning the game as on enjoying it.

We are primarily a Members' Club, but visitors with at least some experience of playing club Bridge are welcome to come along and play.

Our regular Bridge sessions are on Tuesday evenings and Friday mornings.  There is a gentler Duplicate session on Wednesday evening. Please check the information tab for times and our address.

There is car parking available on site, results are available at the end of play and on this website.

We are currently not affiliated with a Bridge Association.

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Learn to Play Bridge!

Bridge for Beginners....our course is designed for players who have little or no experience playing the game!

We guarantee that you will be made to feel most welcome at the beginners class and will thoroughly enjoy the start of your journey learning this exciting game. The 9 week course will cover the basics and will prepare you for supervised play.  Our lessons are based on the idea that you have not played Bridge, have played very little Bridge or have not played in a long time.

These lessons can also be used as a supplement to what you already know about Bridge. Many beginners have tried to learn Bridge online only to be confused by the bidding principles. Learning Bridge in a small group, in a classroom situation with structured lessons and a teacher who knows how the game is played, then you will be able to incorporate these lessons into your learning path.

Once you know the basics of Bridge you will be ready to join our Improver’s Duplicate class, where the real fun begins!

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The Cayman Islands Bridge Club offers Bridge play for all levels in various daytime and evening sessions. Our nine week beginners course is offered in the evening and daytime. Please contact us at: for further information regarding lessons or session times. We look forward to welcoming you!

Duplicate Code of Ethics
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Move for the Next Round

You will play two to four boards at each table and a total of 20-28 for the entire session. To keep the game going smoothly, each round is timed. You are allowed an average of about seven and a half minutes for each board, so you will want to learn to use your time wisely. ..........

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Thu 13th May 2021
Beginners Class
Bridge Club 6:15 PM
Director: Helen Haines
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Fri 14th May 2021
Duplicate Bridge
Bridge Club 9:15 AM
Director: Alex Wood
Tue 18th May 2021
Duplicate Bridge
Bridge Club 7:00 PM
Director: Alex Wood