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Check out the Home Page for all information about the:

CAVBC schedule

New Spot Prizes and Free Games Initiatives

BBO Workshops - pre entry now open on Homepage

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"Player of the Month" - all details in the Player of the Month tab

Draw for Partner Game - on hold, to be reviewed in June - BB$ prizes!


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Other news
CAVBC Upcoming Activities and other news

Draw for Partner Games 💲

The number of entries for our Draw for Partner games have been diminishing each week and with the onset of the fine weather, we have decided not to run any Draw for Partner games in May. Our last Draw for Partner game was on Thursday morning last. Because of that fine weather and it was Dan's birthday, he has yet to complete the write up for the game. He knows this is something that you all look forward to (This is Dan being ironic by the way, just in case you think he is serious, but he shouldn’t really have to spell it out!!!), so don’t worry, the write up (with pictures) will appear on CAVBC later this week.

CAVBC Team of 4 Game on Saturday 24th April at 19:30

We had a very successful inaugural Team of Four game last Saturday, with 14 teams taking part. The winning team was Nancy Watson, Carmel O’Leary, Brid ui Dhonnchu and Nora Gallagher. We will definitely be running further Team of Four games, so watch this space.


And talking about Teams of Four, members of Vernon and CAVBC featured in the teams that came 2nd and 3rd in the Inter A National Finals over the weekend. Colm McDonald, Liz Sherlock, Marie Dalton and Veronica Miller were placed 2nd while Rose Burke and Ria Malone, our Dublin North Region President, partnered two Malahide players Liz Chambers and Mary Breen, and were 3rd. Colm’s team (I assume he was the captain as he was the only male on the team – me being sardonic!!) actually won the Sunday session, which was played out amongst the top 8 teams. Unfortunately, though they did not pick up enough points to make up the deficit with the team that won Saturday’s session.

Player of the Month

This is the last week of our April Player of the Month competitions. The leaders as of last Friday are:

  • Open – Rona Booth
  • Novice/B – Finn Ryan and Paula Oliver
  • Novice – Gerry Gallagher and Jim Stokes

You can check your standing on CAVBC. Just click on the Player of the Month Dropdown on the CAVBC home page.

BBO Workshops

Don’t forget, our rescheduled Advanced BBO Workshop is on this Saturday 1st May at 15.00 over Zoom. If you haven’t yet registered and you would like to take part, please go to the CAVBC Home Page, and scroll down until you get to the Workshop section and then enter your name and email address in the form provided. On Saturday morning, I will send all those who have registered a zoom invite.

Video Option on BBO

On Friday 30th April, we will have two games on CAVBC. We will have the normal Open game hosted by St Gabriel’s at 19.30 and we will have a Video enabled game also at 19.30. The cost of both games will be 3BBO$’s. You and your partner can decide which game you would like to play in and then register as normal. Since our last Video game, BBO have updated their software, so you can now use a tablet, laptop or desktop computer. Please go to the CAVBC Home Page CAVBC Clontarf Area Virtual Bridge Club, Dublin ( to see all that you need to know about participating in a BBO Video game. The link also contains a series of comments from players who took part in our previous Video game. The reaction was mixed and generally fell into two camps. Some players did not enjoy the experience finding it very slow and noisy, while others found it a very enjoyable experience. We hope you will give our Video game a try and decide for yourself which camp you fall into.

Spot Prizes 💰

Last week was our 4th week of Spot Prizes. Another 26 lucky winners each received 10BBO$’s into their BBO accounts. You can see the full list of winners on the CAVBC home page. A pair in each of our games this week will again win a spot prize.

Free Games  

We had a great turn out for our Free Games on Easter Monday 5th April with 152 members taking part. Our next free games on CAVBC are on Tuesday 11th May and Wednesday 26th May, so don’t forget to put these dates in your diaries.

Novice mentoring initiative

We hope to use the BBO Video Option as part of our mentoring initiative. We will be in contact with the mentors and mentees after our video trial on the 16th. We are still happy to hear from you if you are interested in being a mentor or a mentee. Please contact

Dublin North Region

The weekly Sunday game is on again this week at 15.00. Check it out in the Virtual Club Area of BBO from 13.00, if you wish to play.  Also, the DNR plan to run the Kirwan League for each grade during May. We will let you know when we have more details.

BBO Workshops - run by Aidan Synnott/CAVBC - Completed
BBO Workshops - run by Aidan Synnott/CAVBC - Completed

We held 3 very successful Zoom workshops over 3 Tuesdays at the end of February/start of March which were attended by over 100 people. Aidan Synnott put these sessions together with a view to helping CAVBC members to better enjoy their BBO experience. Some people were unable to attend on a Tuesday, so we have now scheduled further two workshops which will be held on Saturdays.

Introductory workshop on 27-March (completed) and Advanced Workshop to be held on Saturday 01st May at 15.00 (postponed from 10-April). If you would like to take part in the workshop, please enter your name and email address in the form below On the day of the workshop, we will send you an email with details of the zoom session.  Anyone who previously pre-entered for Advanced Workshop on 10-Apr will automatically get an invite for workshop on 01-May - no need to repeat pre-entry.

If you have any difficulty submitting the form please contact one of the following:

The content of each workshop is set out below.

C.B.A.I. National Teams - Bankers Trophy 24th - 25th April, 2021 Winners👏👏
C.B.A.I. National Teams - Bankers Trophy 24th - 25th April, 2021 Winners👏👏

Well done to the CAVBC teams on their 2nd and 3rd place in the CBAI National Teams - Bankers Trophy last weekend 

2nd: CAVBC members - Veronica Miller, Marie Dalton, Liz Sherlock, Colm McDonald

3rd: CAVBC Members - Ria Malone, Rose Burke along with Mary Breen & Liz Chambers

Thomas McCormack - 2 over 1 Game Force System Bridge Course

2 over 1 Game Force System Bridge Course

Tutor Thomas McCormack (Grade: National Grand Master)

This is one of the most popular modern systems among top Bridge players worldwide.
3  x 2-hour sessions
28-Mar  / 11-Apr / 18-Apr
Sundays 7-9 pm

Format: Zoom and Bridgebase Online

Course fee: 55 euro to CAVBC members

Open to all members of CAVBC and their friends, please say you are from Clontarf Area VBC when registering
No partner necessary but contact Liz Sherlock by text at 086 3770382 if looking for a partner, Liz is prepared to try to find partners for anyone requiring  one for the course, although it is not essential
For anyone unsure of the course formats a short introductory session will be run by Rory Egan if necessary, please state you require this when registering.
Those who register will be sent a link to the Zoom class for the teaching section of the course then the class will transfer to Bridgebase to practice pre-prepared hands.
A  full set of course notes will be emailed to you after each session
Payment details will be sent to you when you register and any credit card can be used for payment. Please send your BBO name with your registration.
Course tutors: Thomas McCormack and Rory Egan of Grand Master Bridge Online Bridge Academy (Dublin)
To Register for this course email
Enquiries mobile Rory 086 8192765
Please note there is no course on 4th April (Easter Sunday) course dates are 28-March, 11 and 18-Apr


Email from Paul Porteous re Online Cheating and new CBAI game on Funbridge
Email from Paul Porteous re Online Cheating and new CBAI game on Funbridge

Dear All,

I have recently been corresponding with the Managers of the Online Virtual Clubs about various issues including cheating in the online game – and it is happening, but with a tiny minority of players.  The vast majority of players are playing away happily, without even thinking about cheating, continuing the honour tradition that has hall marked bridge for so long. Lets try and keep it that way, please!  Some very prominent players around the world have been tempted to cheat in the online game and HAVE BEEN CAUGHT and sanctioned! Its just not worth it!  We have approximately 200 Virtual clubs playing on BBO (BridgeBaseOnline) in CBAI territory and another 20 or so in NIBU – so the competitive and social games are being catered for.

Additionally, Funbridge has just started an individual daily CBAI game that you can enjoy on your own at any time of the day – over breakfast or lunch or when you are hiding from the rain under a tree!  This new game is free to your members for a month – during the week – from 15th February; you will need to pay a small fee if you play at the weekend, and all the time once the month’s trial is finished.  We will award CBAI Master Points to our players on their results, based on the numbers playing each day. will give you some starting information on Funbridge

In the meantime, the CBAI is keeping going – the office is open, with at least two people here every day, so if any of your members need books or supplies, they can give us a call.  An updated book list can be found on – with a very comprehensive stock usually on board.

Unfortunately, many of our clubs have made the decision not affiliate at all this season, which means that our affiliation income is down by 50%; if you can contribute to keeping things going, even if not playing online – do give some consideration to financially maintaining the connection between your club and the CBAI !  We will still be here to pick up where we left off in pre-Covid days!

It’s not looking very promising for a return to live bridge in the short even to the medium term, but we might get back to see one another in the flesh in the autumn – when the vast majority of the vaccinations have taken place – please!

Stay safe and stay well!

Kind regards


Paul Porteous

Chief Executive

Contract Bridge Association of Ireland

Templeogue House

Templeogue Road

Dublin D6W F822