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Turkey Draw
CAVBC Turkey Draw 2020 🎄 - 16-Dec - Results and Full Race Report by Dan O'Mahony now in 🤩
CAVBC Turkey Draw 2020 🎄 - 16-Dec - Results and Full Race Report by Dan O'Mahony now in 🤩

Winner alright, winner alright

The pairs that made the winners enclosure after our final race of the Xmas season are set out below.

Read below the full race report detailing the progress of the runners and riders laugh

1st and €50 Voucher each
Rose Burke and Mary McElhinney (known in the full race report as Treasure (short for Treasurer)

2nd and €30 Voucher each
Jimmy Given and Rodney O’Hara (known in full race report as Last President (Rodney was our last DNR president)

Winner of the Novice/B Hurdle and €30 voucher each
Liam Dillon and Brenda Drury

Winners of the Tote Special Lucky Dip prizes
13th place and €25 voucher each 
Bernadette Lacey and Joanne Lyons.

(There was a steward’s inquiry after the race and it was found that Bernadette had also won a Lucky Dip prize on the previous week, so she had to forego this one)

27th place and winner of the hams (€30 voucher) that were returned to the pot from previous races
Phyllis Nolan and Owen Treanor

34th place and €25 voucher each
Helen Scannell and Tony Wall

Thank you to our Race Steward Mary Connell who ensured that all pairs raced with in the rules and to the Clerk of the Course – Aidan Synnott for setting up the race course and also a special
thanks to our PRO, Orla Murnane for all the publicity surrounding the event. Finally a big thanks to Dan O'Mahony, chief Elf, who did all the hard work behind the scenes!

Welcome to this the last race of our Xmas Card – the CAVBC/Foxbay One Mile Hurdle (No Kilometres for us) where we have 42 pairs going to post. The pre race favourite is the pairing of Mary Courtney/Fergus Synnott (hereafter known as “Sweetie”) with Mary having a wonderful record of 012 over the previous races. 2nd favourite is the pairing of John Treanor and Anne Keegan (hereafter known as “Monaghan Man”). While John’s record is 200, he has been there or thereabouts coming into the final furlong over the last two races and his loyal supporters hope that he will show more staying power on this occasion. There was some doubt at the start of the day as to whether Michael O’Keeffe would take part when he was given the handicap of being paired with Dick Kiernan. Michael (hereafter known as “Micko”) had the best record of 421 so far coming into this race, decided not to disappoint his followers and take part despite the handicap. This pairing was 3rd favourite with the bookies.

I am sitting here in the grandstand (actually it is my favourite armchair that I have managed to purloin from the wolf pack, laptop on one arm where the race unfolds, whiskey glass on the other arm and the “The Valhalla Murders”, a Nordic noire drama based in Iceland on the TV, which gives me the shivers and hence the need for the whiskey in the glass!) ready to describe the race for you.

And they’re off running down to the first hurdle with nothing between them. All clear at the first hurdle, the pairing of Rita Canavan/Rose Ball (hereafter known as “”Bridge Teacher”) sprints into the lead followed a good distance back by Helen Scannell/Tony Wall (hereafter known as “Lucky Ducks”) with Rose Burke/Mary McElhinney a close third (Treasure). All these pairs are from the Raheny stable. Are there tactics going on here? Could “Bridge Teacher” be a stalking horse for her stable companions?

Over the 2nd hurdle and “Bridge Teacher” shows her experience by totally blindsiding “Lucky Ducks” and consigning them to the pack behind. Meanwhile “Treasure” has kept pace with “Bridge Teacher” and moved into 2nd place, with 2nd favourite “Monaghan Man” in 3rd.

They are all clear over the 3rd, but “Treasure” takes up the running and is just a short head in front of stable companion “Bridge Teacher” and the outsider Maureen Deane/Frances Gill (hereafter known as “MCOWAP” – you will have to ask Frances about this) in 3rd and ominously the favourite “Sweetie” has moved into 4th place. “Monaghan Man” hits the hurdle hard and falls off the pace. On they go down the back straight to the 4th hurdle, all clear again, but “Bridge Teacher” can’t keep up with the pace and has fallen back into the pack. “Treasure” is still in front, but “Monaghan Man” has recovered from the previous mistake and has moved into 2nd and these two are now well clear of favourite “Sweetie” in 3rd. They are coming to the 5th hurdle at the end of the back straight and “Treasure” has extended her lead over “Monaghan Man” and “Sweetie” has recovered some ground and is a length behind in 3rd with “Last President” in 4th (that’s Jimmy Given and Rodney O’Hara for those of you who are not paying attention).

They are on the last bend now after the back straight and over the 6th hurdle. “Treasure” is still in front, but “Last President” has moved into 2nd and is mounting a serious challenge. “Monaghan Man” appears to be fading and has been relegated to 3rd. It looks like “Sweetie’s” race is run as she has fallen out of the top 6. On to the last but one hurdle from home and “Monaghan Man” has regained his composure and moved into the lead, “Treasure” 2nd and “Last President” 3rd with the Novice Pairing of Liam Dillon and Brenda Drury now in 4th.

And over the last and up the hill. On Board 22, “Treasure” makes 4 Spades + 2 and claws back half a length on “Monaghan Man”. Board 23 is the turning point. One Heart from Rose, Pass, 2NT from Mary, when most other Wests were bidding 2 Spades with their 4 card spade suit. Rose with her singleton diamond shies away from NT and bids 3 hearts followed by 4 hearts from Mary. A club lead from John and there is nothing to stop Rose making her 4 hearts. The majority of other pairs are in 4 spades or 3NT and going down, a swing of 11 IMPs to Rose and Mary and they romp home. Meanwhile Jimmy and Rodney are seeing off the challenge of Liam and Brenda and move to 2nd.  However, Liam and Brenda have the consolation of winning the Novice/B prize.  Barbara Chawke and the other “Monaghan Man” Nigel Hillis, sprint up the hill to finish 3rd with “MCOWAP” in 4th, just ahead of “Monaghan Man”. “Bridge Teacher” after her early exertions finished well down the field as did “Lucky Duck” who finished in 34th and won one of our draw prizes. “Micko”, exhausted from his exertions of the previous week,  couldn’t overcome his handicap and finished with the also rans.

I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted after all that. There have been at least 3 gruesome murders in Iceland. My whiskey glass has been replenished after each murder and the wolfpack are challenging me for the armchair!

But seriously, well done to all our winners over our four Xmas Turkey Draws. You should all have received your Nolan’s vouchers by now. To the rest of you, thank you all for taking part. I think these have been great fun and the good news is there are more in the new year. Check out the CAVBC Bridgewebs Site to see the schedule.

Happy Xmas and Happy New Year from the CAVBC and Foxbay TDs



CAVBC Turkey Draw 2020 🎄 - 11-Dec - Even More Turkey Carnage by Dan O'Mahony 😂
CAVBC Turkey Draw 2020 🎄 - 11-Dec - Even More Turkey Carnage by Dan O'Mahony 😂

Congratulations to all the winners!

1st place:  Michael O'Keeffe and Jackie Furey

2nd place:  Mary Courtney and John Keenan

Best Novice/B:  Derry Peacock and Ann Marron

€25 Voucher Draw:  Eileen Meany and Bernadette Lacey

Even more Xmas Turkey Carnage

The excitement and anticipation was palpable amongst all the Clontarf and Foxbay bridge players this week, wondering who would get to partner the “providers par excellence” Michael O’Keeffe and John Treanor. Could either of them upgrade their hams to a turkey? Or horror of horrors if they were drawn together, then we could all kiss goodbye to our chances of surprising our loved ones with a big juicy turkey. Well you all know the answer by this stage with Michael triumphing with his new partner Jackie Furey to take home the turkeys but not after another titanic struggle with Mary “the bringer of sweets” Courtney and her partner John Keenan who ended up with the hams. Mary has now joined the elite “providers par excellence” group and I know there will be a queue of players waiting to partner Mary in the final draw. The good news is that Mary has already entered, so don’t be tardy in making your own entry. Now unfortunately for both Michael and Mary who both have a turkey and ham to their name, there is only one prize per person over the four Xmas Turkey Draws, so fortunately for us all their hams go back into the pot and there will be an extra draw for two €30 vouchers this week. The other people who get to keep their hams this week are the Novice/B winners Derry Peacock and Ann Marron and the winners of our two €25 vouchers for finishing in lucky 25th position – Eileen Meany and Bernadette Lacey. (There is still not going to be a public inquiry as Bernadette was not present at the TD meeting that chose lucky 25 – she was too busy minding the new addition to her family – a puppy!). This week Aidan and myself got to be the start of game substitutes. We had a wonderful half an hour before the start of the game as we discussed bidding systems (whatever floats your boat I hear you say!) and we were on tender hooks as the clock wound down to the start of the game. There were 41 pairs registered, but would they all get in? They did and so did we and we and a lovely game, but more of that later in the full match report below. A huge thank you to Rona Booth for TDing the game with grace and good humour as she had to run from table to table putting in and taking out robots. On the last table she nearly had to replace Dick Kiernan after he had to log out and in numerous times as he balanced a litre of wine on his head. I am not sure how Rona could see this, but that is what she told me!

How do they do it?

Now before I give you the full match report, I am aware that many of you have been unable to sleep at night wondering HOW DO THEY DO IT? HOW DO THEY DO THE XMAS TURKEY DRAW? Well I will tell you and it may even help put you to sleep. It could not be done without all the work of the CAVBC elves and their neighbours from across the road – the Foxbay elves. It all starts when Orla elf posts a note to the CAVBC bridgeweb site inviting you all to participate. Then all you nice bridge players out there send in your details.  Orla then has to check whether you have been naughty or nice to see if you have correctly entered your details. Then the elves craft a special letter that they send out to you telling you how happy they are that you are taking part. Eventually on the eve of the game when you are all wrapped up in bed dreaming of Turkeys and Hams sitting around a bridge table playing a 7 No Trump game and missing an Ace, the elves work through the night painstakingly cutting up your names and sorting them into four large drums. For those of you who might remember the Sweepstakes, picture ladies in nurse’s uniforms standing on a pedestal and dipping their hands into the drums to select the winning names – well it is the same for us, except we are wearing our elf uniforms! Alright enough of the nightmare stuff. We use technology. On the morning of the game, Orla elf sends me the list of entries. These are put into 4 spread sheets depending upon the players’ grade, assigned a random number, sorted in ascending order and then matched together to get the final pairing. (I think I prefer the elf working through the night version but I did have a little red and white setter helper!)A picture containing dog, indoor, floor, person Description automatically generated. Orla elf then publishes the draw on CAVBC. Aidan elf sets up the game on BBO with a special include list that only has the names of those who have entered. Then the contact tracing elves take over and contact each pair to give them contact details for each other. (We don’t publish phone or email contacts on CAVBC because of GDPR). Before the game, we check to see that you have all entered and we contact you if you haven’t to see if we can iron out whatever problem you have. Then at 19.30, the TD elf takes over and makes sure that you all have an enjoyable game and the turkeys and hams go to a suitable home! Then all the elves go to sleep and start all over again the following day for the next Xmas Turkey Draw. When all the draws are over the elves go out to catch the turkeys and the hams, put them on the sleigh and the Santa elves deliver them to the winners of the draws. But enough of this rubbish, you say, what about the full match report?

Full match report

So where do I start? Well the first thing to say is that after round 1, Michael and Jackie were in 39th position after losing by 10 IMP’s to Tim Devane and Kathleen Broaders and were even behind myself and Aidan, who were in 36th position after being hammered by Mary O’Carroll and Brid Ui Dhonnchu. Meanwhile Mary and John were 5th and were ready for their first match against the all Monaghan pairing of John Treanor and Nigel Hillis who were in 6th. Mary and John won their match by 11 IMPs and moved to the top of the leader board and stayed there until the 5th round when for the first time, they met Michael and Jackie, who had climbed all the way up from 39th position. A win by 7 IMPs meant that they reversed positions, with Michael and Jackie now in first place, which they never relinquished. In the their 2nd match, Michael and Jackie were again victorious by 3 IMPs resulting in Mary and John dropping down to Table 2 where John and Nigel were ready and waiting for a rematch. At the top table Michael and Jackie got to an IMP margin of 53 after a big win against Gladys Greene and Barbara Bunworth. At Table 2 Mary looked John (T) in the eyes and John (K) looked Nigel in the eyes and Mary said “I have got this, there are no turkeys for ye, I am going to take on the mantle of “Provider par excellence”. On the first board Mary and John defeated a contract that could have been made and on the 2nd board, they made a contract that could have been defeated and in the 3rd board John Keenan opened 1NT with 11 points and ended up in 2 Diamonds going down 3, but kept John and Nigel out of a 4 spades game. Result – Mary and John were back at table 1 with an IMP margin of 50 for their 3rd and final game against Michael and Jackie who were only 3 IMPs ahead of them. Maura Dempsey and Rodney O’Hara were very close behind in 3rd place with an IMP margin of 49, only 4 IMPs behind Michael and Jackie, after a huge win by 31 IMPs over Joe Keating and Mairin MacDevitt. And you will never guess who were 4th. Well it was myself and Aidan, but we were well behind with an IMP margin of 31. When Rona told us that it was all to play for, I got very excited, but at that stage she meant between the top 3 and not the top 4. Anyhow on to the last round. You may remember that last week Mary and Catherine Leehane were 9 IMPS behind Michael and Catherine Murphy, but managed to overhaul them in the last round with 3 very good boards. Well Michael and Jackie were having none of it this time. On board 22, they snook into 4 Spades and were only one of two pairs to make the contract + 1 – a swing 6 IMPs and more importantly getting to 15 IMPs ahead of Mary and John. Mary and John got the better of Michael and Jackie in the last two boards, but it wasn’t enough to claw back the 15 IMPs leaving Michael and Jackie with the turkeys, while Mary and John had to settle for the hams. Meanwhile on Table 2, myself and Aidan got the better of Maura and Rodney, so they never got to threaten Michael and John, however Maura and Aidan did enough to hold on to 3rd place.

Congratulation to all our winners and thank you all again for taking part. I hope you enjoyed it. I know I thoroughly did. Our next Xmas Turkey Draw is on 16th December at 19.30, hosted by Clontarf with more turkeys and hams there for the taking. Pre entry is already open and closes on Tuesday 15th at 19.00. If you’re not in, you can’t win!!


CAVBC Turkey Draw 2020 🎄 - Review of 03-Dec by Dan O'Mahony
CAVBC Turkey Draw 2020 🎄 - Review of 03-Dec by Dan O'Mahony

Well done to all the winners and the draw winners 🤩👏

1st:  Mary Courtney and Catherine Leehane 
2nd:  Michael O’Keeffe and Catherine Murphy
Best Novice/B:   Dympna Craig and Moira Lonergan (10th place)

Draw winners:  Joe Keating and Dick Kiernan

Well two turkeys are winging their way to the wonderful winners of our 2nd Xmas Turkey Draw, Mary (bringer of sweets) Courtney and Catherine (the artist) Leehane, who overtook Michael O’Keeffe and Catherine Murphy in the last round relegating them to 2nd place and a ham each. For Michael it was some consolation to him for losing out on the ham to John Treanor last week.  Rumour has it that they are considering moving in together for Xmas so that they can upgrade their hams to an extra large turkey and sure they might as well – they spend so much time together playing bridge. In fact their reputation as providers par excelence has resulted in other members of the bridge club expressing their desire to be partnered with them in future draws. (I can assure you the draw is random, but I may be open to bribes!!). Two hams are also finding their way to the best Novice/B pair Dympna Craig and Moira Lonergan who finished in 10th place. They started very strongly and were in 1st place after round 1 and had a very solid game after that. The winners of the draw for a €25 voucher each were Joe Keating and Dick Kiernan. Now some of you may be shouting “collusion”, “insider trading”, “public inquiry” or even a “tribunal”, but I can assure that this is all above board as Dick was not even at the TD meeting last Saturday that decided that the pair that finished 44th should get the vouchers. We were all in very safe hands during the game with Orla Murnane and Edel Coughlin doing the TDing and we were also very lucky to have bridge players from the Teacher’s Club to provide substitute cover for the game. Thank you to Mary Carey, Chris Fowler, Mary Harrington and Patricia Dolan. In fact Patricia jumped into the breach for the last three rounds, but more of that below in the full match report.

Full Match Report

Well we could say the game was over at round 3 as at that point Mary and Catherine were 1st, Michael and Catherine were 2nd and Grainne Smith and Bairbre Higgins were in 3rd and that is exactly how it was at the end of the game. But if we did say that then we would miss all the drama that unfolded between then and round 8. Michael and Catherine showed huge staying power as they got to play at the top table for the last 5 rounds. In round 4 they vanquished Mary and Catherine to 5th place after beating them by 13 IMPs and then over the next 3 rounds it was like Lanigan’s Ball with Michael and Catherine stepping it in and stepping it out again with Owen (The brother) Treanor and Mary Hynes as they swapped 1st and 2nd place until round 7, when they in turn were vanquished by Michael and Catherine eventually ending up in 8th place. Meanwhile, as Lanigan’s Ball was going, Mary and Catherine with an IMP margin of 42 made their way back to the top table for the final show down with Michael and Catherine who were sitting there looking down on everybody else with an IMP margin of 55. But more of that later.

Let me tell you about myself and my partner Kay Kelly. After round one we were in the rarefied stratosphere of table 2. But after that, it was like snakes and ladders with us falling down and climbing up and falling down and never getting within a smell of a turkey. But we had fun and some great chats during the game. In round 7 we met Mick Connell and Kathleen Broaders. Mick was also bemoaning the fact that he wasn’t within a smell of a Turkey, but he assured us that himself and Mary (the winner of a turkey last week) had now taken to St Anne’s Golf Course where they were firing golf balls at the Brent Geese and that they had high hopes of a goose for their New Year’s table. In round 8, we met Denis Gill and Patricia Nolan who had answered Edel’s call when Veronica Donohoe had fallen fowl of the WiFi gremlins. I gave them an out-and-out top and 7 IMPS in the last board when I doubled Patricia’s 4 clubs and she made it + 1 to help them finish in 6th position as we continued to slide down the slippery snakes!

But back to the top table with Michael and Catherine holding a lead of 13 IMPs over Mary and Catherine. Could Mary and Catherine gain revenge for their thrashing by Michael and Mary in round 4? Were Michael and Catherine exhausted from all the dancing with Owen and Mary? In board 22, Mary opens weak 1NT, an aggressive 2 diamond overcall by Catherine (you know which one I’m talking about), pass, pass, and the then Mary throws all caution to the wind and bids 3 clubs. Pass all round and Mary makes 3 clubs +1 for a swing of 4 IMPs. We are now down to a margin of 8 IMPs. Board 23, Mary again opens another weak 1NT, another aggressive 2 clubs overcall from Catherine, 2NT from Catherine “eile”, pass, pass, pass and Mary gets to play in 2NT making +1 with all her finesses working and another swing of 4 IMPs. As Jack Charlton (or it may have been Mick McCarthy) would say it was now “squeaky bum” time, with only 5 IMPs between the two pairs going into the final board. Mary and Catherine get to 3NT. Catherine plays it impeccably to make the 3NT and a 6 IMP swing to pip Michael and Catherine by 1 IMP leaving them with the hams while Mary and Catherine got to take home the Turkeys.

Congratulation to all our winners and thank you all for taking part. I hope you enjoyed it. Our next Xmas Turkey Draw is on 11th December at 19.30, hosted by St Gabriels with more turkeys and hams there for the taking. Pre entry will open on Saturday 5th.




CAVBC Turkey Draw 2020 🎄 - Review of the 24-Nov "Carnage" by Dan O'Mahony
CAVBC Turkey Draw 2020 🎄 - Review of the 24-Nov

Well its all over, the first of our Xmas Turkey Draws hosted by Raheny Bridge Club and it was great to see that two Raheny members, Mary Connell, our President from last year, and Grainne Smith took home the turkeys with a victory margin of 50 IMPs, with John Treanor and Emer Burke taking home the hams in 2nd with a margin of 47 IMPs. In fact, John and Emer played in the top two tables from Round 2 to Round 8. What stress!! But more of that later. Pauline Kelly and Eileen Meany had a very consistent game and were the leading novice pair throughout eventually finishing in 16th place with a margin of 14 IMPs, and also getting to take home a ham. On Saturday, the TD’s decided that the pair that finished in 14th place would each receive a €25 voucher from Nolan’s, enough to buy a bottle of whiskey maybe. The lucky winners were Irene O’Driscoll and Carmel Cullen. Owen Wilson, (The bridge star, not the film star), ran a very efficient game, quickly replacing people who dropped out with robots. As a result, there were few boards that did not complete in time, except for the very last board of the very last round – no names mentioned, but we know where you live!!!! Now as you all know this was a random draw, where we paired novices together and A’s and  Area Masters with B’s (although we had more A/Area Master players than B’s, so we did have some A/Area Master pairings), but the draw threw up an all TD partnership of Dick Kiernan and Vanessa Timon, who volunteered to be our Start of Game Subs in the event of us having a half table. Unfortunately for them, we had 50 pairs and so they had to settle for watching the final of “The Great British Bake Off” instead!

Now if you are really bored and you want to read about how the game unfolded, the following is a riveting account of the Xmas Turkey Carnage.

John and Emer sprinted to 1st place after round 1 and saw off Frances Gill and Mairin MacDevitt and Pat Fitzpatrick and Teresa Nevin in rounds 2 and 3 respectively. Their progress came to a halt in round 4, when Louise Byrne and Kathleen Broaders had a 6 IMP victory against them. Meanwhile Mary and Grainne, who had started steadily, leaped into 1st place with a 23 IMP victory over Fergus Synnott and Brigid Holland. At this stage, the top 3 pairs could not have been any tighter with Mary and Grainne on 44 IMP’s, Louise and Kathleen on 43 IMP’s and John and Emer also on 43 IMP’s. Mary and Grainne played against Louise and Kathleen for the last 3 rounds, with Louise and Kathleen first getting a tiny advantage. Board 21 proved to be the turning point when Mary and Grainne defeated a 3NT contract by 2 resulting in a 10 IMP swing and as the saying goes “shin, shin do coursai sport” as Mary and Grainne sealed their 1st place position. Meanwhile John and Emer, who were now on table 2, were joined on round 6 by John’s normal partner in crime Michael O’Keeffe who was playing with Barbara Bunworth. Michael and Barbara moved to 3rd place after round 7, with John and Emer in 4th place, setting up round 8 for the final showdown. Who would have the partnership bragging rights, John or Michael? Well it all came down to Board 24. Emer had a balanced 21 point hand and opened 2NT. No messing from John, he is sitting with a 5 point hand and jumps to 3NT. Now Michael is next to bid and he was not going to let Emer and John stay in 3NT. So, there he is sitting with 6 hearts headed by the KQ, a void in diamonds and 7 high card points and he bids 4 hearts. Pass, pass and the bidding comes round to John, he rubs his hands together, gives a gleeful Monaghan chuckle (I swear I was not in the room with him – this is fiction),  takes his mouse, hovers over the Double. Michael goes down 5, a swing of 12 IMP’s, thus ending John and Emer’s stressful evening with a well deserved 2nd place.

Congratulation to all our winners and thank you all for taking part. I hope you enjoyed it.

Our next Xmas Turkey Draw is on Thursday 3rd December at 19.30, hosted by Foxbay and St Anthony’s, so plenty of time for you to collect your turkeys and hams.   Pre entry will open on Thursday 26th


Response from John Treanor, Esq:

I must compliment Dan, the chief reporter of CAVBC, on his comprehensive reporting of the competition last night. It was akin to the reporting of the "Ulster Final" in our local paper, the Northern Standard. However I need to point out the crucial element where Emer and I prior to the game had discussed our systems. Emer was very decisive and stated "John, we are NOT going to show mercy to anybody!" In keeping with our agreed system and, contrary to my soft nature, on the last hand I reluctantly "Doubled" my regular playing partner Michael. This broke my heart and I will have to suffer the consequences. Well done to all for a great competition. John