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Player of the Month
Player of the Month
Player of the Month

From January 2021, we are introducing another new feature on CAVBC –  Player of the Month. Now there just won’t be one Player of the Month, there will actually be three 🤩

    • Open Player of the Month (based upon a player’s best 7 results in Open games in a calendar month provided a player has taken part in at least 5 qualifying Open games)

    • Novice/B Player of the Month (based upon a player’s best 4 results in Novice/B games in a calendar month provided a player has taken part in at least 3 qualifying Novice/B games)

    • Novice Player of the Month

Certain games will be excluded when it comes to working out the Player of the Month:

  • Draw for Partner Games  - from March this only applies to Open and Novice/B

  • Thursday Morning Games

  • Simultaneous Pairs

  • Team Matches

  • Individual Games

  • Other games as decided upon by the CAVBC working group

We will use the CBAI masterpoints allocated to each player to compile the Player of the Month lists. Only positive scores will be reflected - so only overall results > 0 will be displayed.  While there won’t be any prize money for the player of the month, there will be bragging rights!  

Check out the detailed results on the side menu for all 3 categories, sorted by month.

Player of the Month 2021 - Mar Winners! Commentary by Dan O'Mahony
Player of the Month 2021 - Mar Winners!  Commentary by Dan O'Mahony

Wednesday was the end of our March Player of the Month competitions and before we had time to catch our breaths, the April competitions are already underway.

A person smiling for the camera Description automatically generated with medium confidenceNow in the Novice competition we decided to include the Draw for Partner Game in the competition so that we might end up with a single winner. This led to our headline in the National Enquirer – “Murnane Ditches Wall” when Orla and Rosaleen Kane were the winners in the Draw for Partner Game which sent Orla to the top of the standings last week.  Now Orla and Ray have long been partners and were the joint winners of our January Novice Player of the Month, so the big question was what were they going to do for the last game? Would they play together, thus ensuring that Orla could not be caught by Ray or would they play it tactically and play with different partners and give both of them a chance. I couldn’t handle the tension, so I went off for a cycle around north Dublin listening to the John Creedon show on my mobile. So, there I was singing and cycling along the seafront, when John Creedon was interrupted by the ring ring of my mobile. Needless to say, I couldn’t answer it, as it would have meant taking my hands off the handlebars, which might have resulted in my being ditched there and then. But such is the joy of technology, I have a little thingy on my handlebars which was able to display a text from Orla telling me that Pauline O’Connor was trying to register for the Novice game but was unable to do so. I didn’t realise the importance of this text at the time, but given that it was from Orla, I hit the brakes, jumped off my bike and through the even further joys of technology, I was able to log on to BBO on my mobile and fix the problem and text Orla to let her know that all was ok. I remounted my bike and continued singing and cycling, returning home when the Novice game was well underway. I couldn’t contain myself any longer. I had to see the answer to the Orla/Ray conundrum. I then realised the importance of that text. Pauline O’Connor was playing with Ray, and Orla was playing with her twin sister Edel Coughlin. The game was on but not for long. Orla and Edel had a magnificent night, finishing first East/West with a superb score of 72.38%, thus ensuring that Orla was crowned Novice Player of the Month all on her own. Ray eventually finished 4th after finishing 3rd North/South with Pauline. 2nd and 3rd places were filled by Gerry Gallagher and Jim Stokes who had been leading the Player of the Month standings for the first three weeks of March. Well done Orla and I hope yourself and Ray will be challenging together again for the April crown.


A picture containing text, person, computer, indoor Description automatically generatedA picture containing person, indoor, older Description automatically generatedNow if the Novice competition was exciting, then the Novice/B competition was exciting with spades (i.e. IT WAS VERY EXCITING). After the 1st two weeks, Paula Oliver – Prisoner 4141938 and Finn Ryan (who played together throughout and are one of my go to pairs when I am looking for start of game subs) held a slight lead over Marguerite Cox and her partner Eileen Meaney. Then on week 3 Marguerite went into the lead on her own when she had a win with Christine Foran.  At the end of Week 4, Marguerite was still on top with only one more game to go. In that last game, Finn and Paula came 3rd, while Eileen and Marguerite came 6th. This allowed Finn and Paula to just pip Marguerite for the title as they ended with an overall score of 329 points while Marguerite ended up in 3rd with 327 points and Eileen ended up in 4th on 326 points. How close is that? Our reigning Player of the Month for January and March, Kathleen Briody, couldn’t keep up her winning streak and ended up well down the field.




A picture containing person, wall, indoor, person Description automatically generated

The Open Player of the Month couldn’t match the other two competitions for excitement as Kay McDonald went in front at the end of week 2 and stayed there until the end, performing consistently each week and holding off the valiant efforts of Owen Treanor who was 2nd and Rona Booth who was 3rd. At the end of week 3, Rona told me she was thinking of giving up bridge after a run of poor results. I didn’t really believe her, and I was right as she went on to finish very strongly over the last two weeks. The only reason Kay knew she was leading, was because I kept telling her. She did not follow the results on CAVBC. How cool is that? Kay put her success down to the fact that she had very good partners throughout the month including Mary Conlon who finished 4th, Irene O’Drsicoll, Declan Keane and Brid ui Dhonnchu and really enjoyed playing with them throughout the month.


Congratulations to all our winners for March.  The April competitions are now in full swing and you can check out your own standing by accessing the competitions on the Player of the Month Tab.



Check out the Player of the Month tab on the menu bar for the detailed results for the 3 categories (Open/NoviceB/Novice)

Player of the Month 2021 - Feb Winners!
Player of the Month 2021 - Feb Winners!

I don’t know about you, but I was riveted to my laptop for the last week as the Player of the Month competitions unfolded before my eyes, wondering who would be our February winners? Alright that’s a slight hyperbole, but each of the competitions were in the balance until the final game and there WAS quite an exciting finale.

Let’s start with the Open. It was a game of three halves. (I’m hyperbolizing again!!). There would have been four halves, but the Simultaneous Pairs took up the first week. Anyhow in the 1st half, Patricia Quigley went into the lead with three very good results. Then in the 2nd half, Rona Booth (remember her – the winner of the individual game in February, who I said was vice president of St Gabriel’s – Well here is my apology and retraction. Mairin MacDevitt is the Vice President – but then they play together so much, it’s no wonder I get confused) sprinted into the lead, with 3 excellent results when partnering the aforementioned Mairin and Emily Rogers. (By the way, there I was driving along the sea front on my way back from releasing the wolf pack into the wild, when I heard Ronan Collins wishing Rona a happy “roundy” birthday, which was requested by Catherine Leehane from all her friends in bridge. HAPPY BIRTHDAY RONA). Then came the 3rd half and you could hear the roar building up from the crowd as they raised their voices to shout “Come on Eileen” as she took points in four of the last five games, when Eileen was partnered with Moya Collins, Mary Conlon and Adrienne Delaney. I rang Eileen to congratulate her yesterday, she told me how excited and tense she was on the last game of the month on Friday when she was playing with Moya. Moya was also feeling the pressure as she did not want to let Eileen down. And the pressure was on, because Rona and Patricia were “breathing down” Eileen’s neck, but Eileen and Moya held firm, finishing 5th on the night which was enough for Eileen to clinch the Open Player of the Month title for February with Moya finishing in 6th place overall. Such is the efficiency of how Orla Murnane has set up the player of the month process, Eileen was able to log in to CAVBC at 22.30 on Friday and see that she had indeed won. She took a photo of the results and posted it to her family. They all celebrated her victory virtually with a verse of “Come on Eileen”.

Now you will never guess who won the Novice/B Player of the Month for February. Well, it was the same person who won it in January, Miss Consistency herself Kathleen Briody. I was very lucky to get an audience with Kathleen yesterday, when I rang her to congratulate her. On the first occasion she was playing bridge in Malahide and couldn’t really talk and on the 2nd occasion she was on her way to Dollymount for her daily swim. But I did get a chance to ask her what her secret was, and she told me she is from Limerick and she has a fierce competitive streak in her. That Limerick fierceness is one of the drivers of Munster, so I immediately got what she meant. As with the Open, the Novice/B winner was only finalised on the last night. Brid Carter and Marian Carroll were in first place together and just 3 points ahead of Kathleen. Derry Peacock and Mary Gilligan were also in the running. But Kathleen’s fierce competitive nature came to the fore, when she saw them all off, finishing 1st North/South when playing with one of her regular partners Una O’Byrne and clinching the title for Limerick. Kathleen’s other regular partner Brenda Drumgoole finished 6th. To be fair to Kathleen, as well as her competitive streak, she also showed tremendous consistency scoring points in all 8 qualifying games. You could hear strains of “I’ll take you home again Kathleen” wafting up from Limerick!

And finally, another pair have won the February Novice Player of the Month. Congratulations to husband and wife team from Clontarf Bridge Club, Alan and Clare Gordon. There were only 3 games in this competition and Alan and Clare accumulated their points through a 1st in one game and a 2nd in another. Alan told me he was totally surprised and delighted with their win. They have been playing bridge together on Wednesday nights for four years and they both miss the social nature of the game, but at least they get to meet each other face to face after the game. They may even have celebrated their win with “Gay Gordons” jig. (I couldn’t come up with a song for Alan and Clare). Alan is a total gentleman and told me that Clare is the better bridge player, but he can hold his own as a card player as he has been playing cards all his life.  Myra Bermingham and Owen Wilson, members of our TD group, finished in joint 3rd with a 1st and a 3rd in two of their 3 games.

Congratulations to all our winners. And now you get to do it all again for March. The 1st Novice/B game was last night, with the 1st Open game tonight and the 1st Novice game on Wednesday. I look forward to being riveted to my laptop again in the last week of March. How sad am I!!!

Check out the Player of the Month tab on the menu bar for the detailed results for the 3 categories (Open/NoviceB/Novice)

Player of the Month 2021 - Jan Winners!
Player of the Month 2021 - Jan Winners!

So, it is all over bar the shouting. We now know who our Players of the Month are for January. But before we talk about that, I must tell you about the trojan work that Orla has done in putting this together. She brought the proposal of how to calculate Player of the Month to the Coven of TD’s who meet every Saturday Morning (on a zoom call I might add and not around a witch’s cauldron although witch’s broomsticks have been known to zoom a bit – but I digress). Getting back to Orla. Herself and Aidan sat down (virtually) and agreed the change to our result’s load process, so that we could use our CBAI points that are allocated for each game, as the means of allocating points for our Player of the Month games. She then had to deal with issues where the people with a similar name were getting incorrect CBAI points and then had to reload a large number of results to correct that problem. I could go on and on about the other problems that she had to overcome, but you and I would be here all night. However,  she meticulously addressed them all and so we have our results for January.

Well, who gets to do the shouting?

In the Open section Tim Devane, one of our adopted members from Monaghan, gets to shout loudest. In second place was another Monaghan man, Owen Treanor, the brother of John. Now John, who is also from Monaghan because he is Owen’s brother, but has a Dublin address was in third alongside Michael O’Keeffe as they play together a lot. Are you confused yet? I did suggest to Michael, that he might have been better off ditching John, but he told me it would break John’s heart.

In the Novice/B section Kathleen Briody gets to slowly shout the loudest. Think of it as a dragged out roarrrrrrrrr! Kathleen showed great consistency playing in 5 of the 7 Novice/B games and scoring CBAI points in all 5 games. She played with either Brenda Dromgoole or Una O’Byrne in each of these games with Brenda finishing 4th and Una finishing in 8th. The other placings were Derry Peacock in 2nd and Mary Giligan in 3rd. They also partnered each other in two of the games. For all you aspiring Novice/B Players of the Month out there, remember what Aesop said “Slow and steady wins the race”. But as Confucius said, “Whatever you do, don’t stop and pause in the middle of the race” (I might be paraphrasing a bit!!).

In the Novice section there were only 3 qualifying games and Orla (Remember her, the one who put all this Player of the Month together) and Ray Wall played together in all 3 games and scored points in all those games. So, they are the joint Novice Players of the Month for January. (This has nothing to with the fact that Orla keeps the scores.) Gerry Creighton and John Hynes, who also play together were in joint third, but they only played in 2 games and very nearly caught Orla and Ray in the last game. Derry Peacock again figured in the honours list finishing 5th.

Don’t forget, the more games you play in the more likely you are to get more points. This brings another saying to mind that I am sure Aesop or Confucius must have said at some stage during their lifetimes - “Practice makes Perfect”!

The 1st qualifying game of the February Novice/B Player of the Month competition starts this evening and the 1st Novice game is on Wednesday. The 1st Open games is on next Monday 8th February as the Simultaneous Pair games this week do not qualify.

So “Let the Games Begin.”

(This phrase was not uttered by Aesop or Confucius but is actually an order, that was given by emperors in Olympics in Ancient Greece after the sacrifices to the gods were completed to start the Olympic Games.)

We are not doing sacrifices in CAVBC yet. (except when playing non vul against vul)

Check out the Player of the Month tab on the menu bar for the detailed results for the 3 categories (Open/NoviceB/Novice)