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Northside People Article on Battle of the Bay in support of St Francis Hospice

Very proud of this article in Northside People detailing the fabulous efforts of Dick Kiernan and Michael O'Keeffe in organising the Battle of the Bay event which raised almost €10,000 for St Francis Hospice. 


Best Practices on CAVBC




In an article in the "CBAI Newsletter 2020" on page 19 to 21, the CBAI sets out their views on the proper procedures and good ethics practice for online bridge. The CBAI have yet to publish an official statement on these matters, but they do expect to do so soon. In the meantime the article recommends that the "EBU Sky Blue Book", which is the EBU equivalent, is a very good reference point for such procedures and practices. In addition, BBO themselves have a "Rules of the Site" document which covers similar topics.


This document outlines the approach that CAVBC will take in matters of procedure and best practice for online bridge. This is derived from the above documents. This will be replaced by the official CBAI document when one becomes available. This document currently only covers the following topics (click on each of the links below for more info):


Related to above, please read this important document from the CBAI on Cheating at Online Bridge:

BBO Guides


Please see on the left of this page a series of documents to help you with your virtual bridge experience.  These documents are specifically geared to inform you of various features that can make everyone's bridge experience at CAVBC tournaments more enjoyable.


Beginners guide to BBO

If you are truly a newbie to BBO, this will help you get started and find your way around before you embark on tournaments angel

Improve your experience at Bridge Tournaments

There are handy tips on how to use the set up profile, greet your opponents, alert, claim functions as well as how to manage WIFI issues and disconnects.  The EBU Sky Blue Book gives you the English Bridge Union slant on same thing!

Alerting in BBO  ***New***

Very helpful document to explain when, why and how to Alert in BBO

How to find a partner in BBO

If you fancy a game and don't have a partner, you can look for one on the partnership desk when the tournament appears in Pending Tournaments

BBO Movements

This explains why there are different movements (Mitchell, Howell, Swiss) on various tournaments.  There's a good reason why! surprise

Using Chat Manager in BBO PC or Tablet

Chat Manager is a means of saving a list of frequently used comments that you can use over and over.  This saves you typing the same message every time you meet new partners during a game.  It's very handy!  Just to note, sometimes BBO is having a bad day and tells you there is an error accessing Chat Manager.  Unfortunately in this case you will have to go back to typing through the chat at start of each round but it usually rectifies itself by next game (or sometimes during the game itself!)