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Welcome to Clontarf Area Virtual Bridge Club
Welcome to Clontarf Area Virtual Bridge Club

CAVBC consists of the follow clubs:         


The purpose of this website is to handle BBO Virtual Bridge updates for CAVBC & Foxbay

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Draw for Partner Game -A+Masters 12-Apr - Results now in - Commentary by Dan O'Mahony
Draw for Partner Game -A+Masters 12-Apr - Results now in - Commentary by Dan O'Mahony

Congratulations to the winners!

1st NS  John McEvoy / Catherine Leehane 10 BB$ each (and also the winners of the spot prize another 10BB$ each !!!)

1st EW Joanne Lyons / Dick Kiernan   10 BB$ each

2nd NS Grainne Courtney / Tim Devane  5 BB$ each

2nd EW Mary Courtney / Christine Watters   5 BB$ each

In the words of Yoda “Peeved am I”. On Monday evening “set was I” to play with Eileen Glackin as the Start of Game Subs. There were 19 pairs registered. In all the previous Draw for Partner games, all the registered pairs successfully managed to start the game. But woe is me, because of the vagaries of rural broadband, didn’t Owen (The Brother) Treanor and Kathleen Broaders somehow manage not to get into the game, meaning there was no requirement for subs. Now not alone were myself and Eileen upset, but all the other participants were also upset as the prize fund dropped from 120BBO$’s to 60BBO$’s when we only had 9 tables rather than 10 tables.

Rant over. So, what happened in the Draw for Partner game. Well after 27 boards, John McEvoy and Catherine Leehane just pipped Grainne Courtney and Tim Devane in the North/South side of the competition to take home 10BBO$’s each. And when I say pipped, it was just by 1 pip. They had a very good result in the last round when they averaged 73% over the three boards that they played against the East/West winners, Joanne Lyons and Dick Kiernan. Mary Courtney and Christine Watters gave Joanne and Dick a good run for their money and even though they had a strong finish, it just wasn’t quite enough to catch them.

When I asked all the winners for a photo for CAVBC, they were all somewhat bashful. But after a bit of arm twisting, they all came good. I think Dick may have run off to a professional photographer to pose for his very dignified image. I am not suggesting that his photo has been touched up, but…….

 I told John that I wanted a photo that would have the ladies of CAVBC swooning and he duly delivered. He is showing a nice piece of leg in his photo and if you look closely, you can see the shadow of the other Catherine in his life, who took the photo.

Now I don’t know whether you know it or not, but Catherine (the one who played bridge with John on Monday) is a superb artist and is a horse racing expert. So, I suggested that she send me a photo of one of her paintings in the event that she didn’t send me a photo of herself. She did both. When I saw this magnificent painting, I thought she had painted Rachel Blackmore winning the Aintree Grand National as the horse was wearing J.P. McManus’s colours, but Catherine quickly corrected me. It’s Barry Geraghty on Buveur d’Air (which is French for “Drinker of Air”) and Jack Kennedy on Samcro in Newcastle in December 2018. She also told me that, unfortunately, the next time Buveur d’Air ran in Newcastle in November 2019 he got a piece of wood from the 2nd last hurdle stuck in his foot and only came 2nd. He went on sick leave after that and only came back to racing recently. Isn’t it great what you can learn in a bridge write up.


Joanne followed John’s example and sent me a photo from her holidays to remind us that there are sunnier times ahead for us all, when hopefully we can soon travel to our favourite places.

Congratulations to all our winners and thank you to Aidan for again setting up the game and to Orla for managing all the entries through our CAVBC site and to Michael O’Keeffe and John Treanor for TD’ing the game and giving up on their chance to take part. Oh and thank you to the peeved subs as well.

Our next Draw for Partner game is open to all grades and is on Thursday morning the 22nd April. Pre entry is now open on CAVBC.

See "Draw for Partner Game" tab on the menu bar for details of prize structure for all "Draw for Partner Games"

Draw for Partner Game - All Grades - Thurs 22-Apr - pre-entry now open
Draw for Partner Game - All Grades - Thurs 22-Apr - pre-entry now open

Our next Draw for Partner game is open to all members of CAVBC and Foxbay regardless of grade and is on Thursday MORNING 22nd April at 11.00. You must pre enter for this game. Pre entry will close at midday on Wednesday 21st April.

We would like people to pre enter for this game by entering your details in the form below.

Any difficulty, contact one of the following people directly and let them know your Name, BBO User Name, mobile number and Grade and email.

You can see the up to date list of players that plan to play on a daily basis here on the CAVBC Bridgewebs Site.  Remember more tables = more prize money laugh

And what will happen then?

On Wednesday 21st April, we will have a random draw for partners where players with a higher grade will be paired with those with a lower grade where possible. We will then advise each of the players of their respective partners and let them know how to register for the game. Registration for the game will open at 09.00 on the morning of Thursday 22nd April.


We will “pay” BBO$ into the winners’ BBO account within 2 days of the end of the game. The prizes will be based upon the number of tables in each game - all details available in the "Draw for Partner Game" Tab.


BBO Workshops - run by Aidan Synnott/CAVBC - Workshop on 01-May at 15:00 (postponed from 10-Apr)
BBO Workshops - run by Aidan Synnott/CAVBC - Workshop on 01-May at 15:00 (postponed from 10-Apr)

We held 3 very successful Zoom workshops over 3 Tuesdays at the end of February/start of March which were attended by over 100 people. Aidan Synnott put these sessions together with a view to helping CAVBC members to better enjoy their BBO experience. Some people were unable to attend on a Tuesday, so we have now scheduled further two workshops which will be held on Saturdays.

Introductory workshop on 27-March (completed) and Advanced Workshop to be held on Saturday 01st May at 15.00 (postponed from 10-April). If you would like to take part in the workshop, please enter your name and email address in the form below On the day of the workshop, we will send you an email with details of the zoom session.  Anyone who previously pre-entered for Advanced Workshop on 10-Apr will automatically get an invite for workshop on 01-May - no need to repeat pre-entry.

If you have any difficulty submitting the form please contact one of the following:

The content of each workshop is set out below.

Slow Play

Guidelines relating to Slow Play on BBO

What does CBAI and EBU say

Pairs events on BBO are run under a regime where the round ends after a fixed time and the play of any unfinished boards is curtailed. If there are only at most four tricks remaining, the platform will assign a result based on the double-dummy outcome from the point where play was curtailed. If there are more than a few tricks to be played, the TD will assign a score based on the auction and play that occurred. It is possible for slow play to result in an advantage for one side; for example, if declarer can avoid taking a two-way guess until the last four tricks and the round ends before the board is finished, the assigned double-dummy outcome will be the outcome where declarer always ‘guesses right’. If the side that was responsible for slow play gains an advantage in this manner, the TD can assign an adjusted score: for example, a weighted outcome between ‘guessing right’ and ‘guessing wrong’. The laws expect an artificial adjusted score for boards which are not completed (Law 12C2) but a WBFLC minute (item 3 of the minutes of 2008-10-10) allows an assigned score ‘if a board is incomplete but has reached a stage when completion of the board can be foreseen’ (see WB 8.12.7 and WB 8.12.10). This may allow the TD to award an assigned score (rather than an adjusted score) when a board has been curtailed by the online platform.

Significant hesitations are unauthorised information, which will constrain the player and can be subject to a ruling under Law 16B or Law 73C. There can be reasons for pauses in an online game, due to the environment, but the TD is entitled to determine that a significant hesitation is nevertheless unauthorised information and rule accordingly.

What do the Laws of Duplicate Bridge say

Law16B / Extraneous Information from Partner

Any extraneous information from partner that might suggest a call or play is unauthorized.  This includes remarks, questions, replies to questions, unexpected alerts or failures to alert, unmistakable hesitation, unwonted speed, special emphasis, tone, gesture, movement or mannerism.

  1. A player may not choose a call or play that is demonstrably suggested over another by unauthorized information if the other call or play is a logical alternative.
  2. A logical alternative is an action that a significant proportion of the class of players in question, using the methods of the partnership, would seriously consider, and some might select.


When a player has available to him unauthorized information from his partner, such as from a remark, question, explanation, gesture, mannerism, undue emphasis, inflection, haste or hesitation, an unexpected alert or failure to alert, he must carefully avoid taking any advantage from that unauthorized information

Best Practice on CAVBC

  1. We currently allow 7 mins per board in CAVBC BBO competitions, which is allocated as 14 minutes in 2 boards-per-round events, 21 minutes in 3 boards-per-round, and 28 minutes in 4 boards-per-round events. This is universally acknowledged as more than ample time to bid and play a board.
  2. It is acknowledged that some boards may be trickier than others, particularly the bidding which may result in the bidding and playing of a board taking longer than 7 minutes.
  3. Where a player believes that there is unnecessarily slow bidding or slow play during a round (2 board, 3 board, 4 board etc.), they may call the director.
  4. The Director will take a copy of the Table History for the reported game and analyse the time taken to bid and play.
  5. If the TD determines that “unauthorized information” has been passed, during the bidding process, from Player A to Player B through an “unmistakable hesitation” and Player B, who had a logical alternative, has chosen an action suggested by the “unmistakable hesitation”, then under Law 12, the TD may award an “assigned score” in order “to redress damage to a non-offending side and to take away any advantage gained by an offending side through its infraction of the game”. This “assigned score” may be awarded up to 20 minutes after the game finishes and before the result is finalized on BBO.
  6. If the TD determines that the side that was responsible for slow play has gained an advantage, the TD may assign an “assigned score” when a board has been curtailed by the online platform.
  7. The Director will closely monitor the pair that have been reported.
  8. Where a player’s slow play, or refusal to play, is affecting the flow of the game, the TD may replace that player with a robot.
Player of the Month 2021 - Mar Winners


BBO->Competitive->All Tournaments->Pending Tournaments. Search for the word Clontarf or Foxbay or DNR. Registration from 2 hours before start time

Spot Prize Winners 05-11 April 💰

BBO Guide

Please view the "Best Practices on CAVBC" Tab on the Menu bar for crucial guidance on:

  • Best Practices while playing on BBO CAVBC Tournaments
  • BBO Guides to help you get started and improve your experience on BBO
  • New document on Alerting

Please see here important document from CBAI relating to Cheating at Online bridge

19th April 2021
Vernon (Novice/Inter B)
Director: Mary Connell
19th April 2021
Vernon (Open)
Director: Mary Connell
20th April 2021
Raheny (Open)
Director: Fintan Keegan
21st April 2021
Clontarf (Novice N1/N2 only)
Director: Dan O'Mahony
21st April 2021
Clontarf (Open)
Director: Dan O'Mahony
22nd April 2021
Draw for Partner All Grades (CAVBC) 💲
Director: Patricia Quigley
22nd April 2021
St Anthony’s (Novice/Inter B)
Director: Vanessa Timon/Eithne Cullinan
22nd April 2021
Foxbay (Open)
Director: Kay McDonald
23rd April 2021
St Gabriels (Open)
Director: Colm McDonald
26th April 2021
Vernon (Novice/Inter B)
Director: TBC
CAVBC Video Trial Game
Director: Dan O'Mahony
Scorer: Patricia Quigley
St Gabriels (Open) 💰
Director: Dick Kiernan
Scorer: JOHNFT
CAVBC (Open) 💰
Director: Kay McDonald
St Anthony’s (Novice/Inter B) 💰
Director: Edel Coughlin / Orla Murnane
Scorer: Edel Coughlin
Foxbay (Open) 💰
Director: Aidan Synnott
Scorer: JOHNFT
Clontarf (Novice N1/N2 only) 💰
Director: Grainne Courtney TBC
Scorer: Grainne Courtney
Clontarf (Open) 💰
Director: Grainne Courtney TBC
Scorer: Grainne Courtney