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5th - 7th July  Weekend away Arundel 

27th-29th September Weekend away Hydro Hotel Eastbourne

1st-3rd November Junior Bridge Camp Woldingham School

13th-15th June 2025 Weekend away at Marsham Court Hotel Bournemouth

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Assisted Play Session - Mondays 2:30pm

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27th February EBU Masters Pairs

Venue BBO online

Restrictions Both players must be ranked less than the rank of Regional Master. This means you will be playing against pairs of a similar level.

The Details. We start at 11:30 am  We will finish by 6 pm. The competition will be played as a 2-session event, with 30-45 minutes between sessions. Each session will be around 24 boards depending on numbers.  Green Points will be awarded throughout, both for session results and for final ranking. Session awards will go to the top 1/4 of the overall field based on the session scores alone.

Cost We are delighted to offer this event at a cost of £13 per person.

Visitors Are very welcome. Payment instructions will be sent on registration. 

Free entry for landmark promotion: Players who receive a landmark promotion to the rank of Master qualify for a free entry for the Masters Pairs or Ranked Master Pairs. They can play with any partner of their choice and will therefore play at the level of the highest player in the partnership. This would mean that in order to play in the Masters Pairs both players need to be a Premier Master or below. The free entry can be claimed for the competition immediately following notification of their promotion, or deferred for one year (i.e. those notified in April 2021 can reclaim their free entry in the event in spring 2022 or spring 2023). In order to claim your free entry: enter with the host club as normal, and then contact the EBU to notify us that you will be taking part - or 01296 317203. Assuming you are entitled to a free entry, the cost of your entry will be refunded to your EBU account following the event. This can then be withdrawn or used to enter another competition. Please note that the refunds will be done through a manual process so is therefore dependent on you making us aware that you believe you are eligible, and that you have taken part in the competition.

For full details please click here to access the EBU website.

Please be aware Caterham Bridge Club has a Privacy Policy. Any data given will only be used for contacting you about this and further events. You can choose to unsubscribe at any time.