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British Summer Sim Pairs 26th-29th July

EBU Summer Congress Mixed Pairs 19:30 on BBO Thursday 12th August

EBED Autumn Sim Pairs 6th-10th September

British Autumn Sim Pairs 11th-14th October

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Online Tuition - Learn Bridge & Improve Your Game

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Beginning Bridge Course

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Assisted Play Session - Mondays 2:30pm

- Get live tuition on Zoom while you play against others of a similar skill on Bridge Base.

Private Partnership Tuition - Tues, Wed, Thurs

- Review an entire session or hands of your choice with Tony. 1 or 2 pairs.

Live Commentated Stream - Fridays 10 am

- Get an insight into what goes into Club Director Tony Cherrett's head during play and ask questions in this interactive session.

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Restart of Face-to-Face Bridge

Returning to face-to-face bridge

In light of the government announcement on 12th July we are going to run our first face-to-face session on Monday 19th of July at 10:00, with Gentle sessions Monday 19th at 14:30 both at St Marys Caterham. Then a gentle session on Wednesday 21st July at 10:00 at the White Hart Barn Godstone. Then on Friday 23rd, we will meet for Bridge, Picnic and a Walk at the Brickmakers Tandridge.

We are intending at present to run online sessions at the same time (with the exception of the gentle session on Monday afternoon). 

We expect that those that attend face-to-face sessions will have been vaccinated twice with two weeks having passed since the second vaccination If you wish you may like to bring your own mugs and bidding boxes. 

There will be extra cleaning, provision of hand gel, latex gloves and a temperature check on arrival. We will also ensure as best as possible that the venues are well ventilated, so on occasion, you may need to dress more warmly.

At first, it would be good if you can arrive a little early to avoid congestion on entry. 

We would then hope to restart some of the other sessions as soon as we have the numbers.

There will be many difficulties getting this working but we will try our best to make it as smooth as possible.

Who can play?

Anyone who can make it to one of our venues. If you need a lift please email us. We also hope to be able to accommodate some pairs where one player is online. We will not have online pairs unless we need to fill a half table. Obviously, we must have enough face-to-face players to create an ambiance in the venue. We are restricted to six tables at St Marys at present including ourselves.

We will continue with online sessions

Initially, we will not discontinue any online sessions. We will try to maintain and promote these sessions in the longer term but their continuation will of course be dependant on demand.


We will have additional costs for face-to-face play and anticipate rises in hall fees. There will also be costs relating to the inclusion of remote players where one of the partnership is present. At present we will retain the previous pricing of £7 per session including coffee and a biscuit but there will be no charity element. We will raise funds for TASK separately. Online fees will remain the same. Monies will not be collected at the venue but paid as with online sessions.

Bridge picnic and a walk

On Fridays bi-weekly, we are intending to have bridge, picnic and a walk sessions. Hopefully this will be attractive to wider participation as it is a whole day event. We play bridge at 10:00 am at a hall or pub somewhere in or close to Surrey. We then have a picnic followed by a gentle walk of 3-4 miles. For those with stamina, there will be refreshments at a local pub afterwards. (There may be breakfast at some venues.) These will continue until you say it's too cold. The first of these we are intending to run on 23rd July. Please click here for details and to register.

Back to Bridge

We will run Back to Bridge sessions to get players restarted who have had a year off or feel a bit rusty.  We will start these on Wednesday 21st July at Godstone at 10:00 am. Cost £12.00 per session. Please click here to register.

Beginning Bridge

We will run at least one beginning bridge course starting at the end of September 2021. Please click here to register.


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