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13th-15th June 2025 Weekend away at Marsham Court Hotel Bournemouth

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Wednesday Gentle Session - Results

Wednesday mornings have proven to be one of our most popular offerings on BridgeBase. As you may be aware, for this session we try to split the field into sections of those with an NGS of 7 or over and those who are less experienced. Unfortunately, the attendance of the 7up session has been dwindling. We have also spotted a handful of players ranked 7 and higher routinely playing in the gentle session which has not helped.

We have made the decision to relocate the 7up session to Wednesday evenings as of the 17th March. The gentle session will continue as before with a partnership NGS limit of 6. Please see below for our findings following the questionnaire.

NGS 6 and below results

NGS 7 and above results


NGS Restriction - Gentle 6 and below 7up
Keep limit 27 N/A
Change to 9 6 N/A
No restriction 1 N/A
No preference 1 N/A
Movement Type - Gentle 6 and below 7up
Mitchell 2 N/A
Swiss 12 N/A
No preference 20 N/A
Second Gentle Session 6 and below 7up
Monday afternoon 15 N/A
Friday afternoon 3 N/A
Friday evenings 5 N/A
No second session 6 N/A
Some other time 3 N/A
Run Sims in Gentle Session? 6 and below 7up
Marie Curie 6 N/A
Stratifieds 0 N/A
Both 13 N/A
Neither 13 N/A
7up Sessions 6 and below 7up
Continue N/A 2
Discontinue N/A 4
Move to Wed eve N/A 6
No preference N/A 11