Diary Dates

13th-15th May EBED Spring Sim Pairs

5th - 7th July  Weekend away Arundel 

27th-29th September Weekend away Hydro Hotel Eastbourne

1st-3rd November Junior Bridge Camp Woldingham School

13th-15th June 2025 Weekend away at Marsham Court Hotel Bournemouth

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Online Tuition - Learn Bridge & Improve Your Game

Open to all

Beginning Bridge Course

- Sign up for more info

Assisted Play Session - Mondays 2:30pm

- Get live tuition on Zoom while you play against others of a similar skill on Bridge Base.

Private Partnership Tuition - Tues, Wed, Thurs

- Review an entire session or hands of your choice with Tony. 1 or 2 pairs.

Live Commentated Stream - Fridays 10 am

- Get an insight into what goes into Club Director Tony Cherrett's head during play and ask questions in this interactive session.

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John Smith

Kim Barker & Phil Laurence

David Elvin

Mick Edwards


Neeta Patel

Alex Maddocks & Ian Walsh

Mick Edwards

Maria Martin


Felicity Dick

Ann Chapple & Bob Guille

Roger Fellows

Rosemary Linington


Carol Beamond

Ken Haines & Tony Cherrett

David Elvin

Rosemary Linington


Patricia Trevellion

Imelda Moore & Keith Oatway

Kim Barker

Ken Haines


Terry Mitchell

Annette Roberts & Roger Fellows

Sheila Simm

Sue Muggridge


Jerry Stapleton

Christine Dyer & Robin Clarke

Christine Dyer

Roger Fellows


Fiona Kemp

Christine Dyer & Robin Clarke

Roger Fellows

Ian McIntosh