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8th-11th April British Spring Sim Pairs

13th-15th May EBED Spring Sim Pairs

27th-29th Sept 2024 Weekend away Hydro Hotel Eastbourne

13th-15th June 2025 Weekend away at Marsham Court Hotel Bournemouth

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Movement Poll Results
Movement Poll Results

It seems pretty clear we have some strong proponents for each side, so for now we intend to run a Mitchell movement Mon & Fri and a Swiss movement Tue, Wed & Thurs all starting at 10am. 

See below for poll info and some relevant comments. We'll continue to take feedback and review. Ideally we will grow to 20+ tables a session, at which point it will be viable to run 2 sections of differing abilities.

Thanks for the kind words and your continued support. 

For Swiss

-By table number you have an idea on how you are doing. You may not play with same people as boards can sort the wheat from the chaff. It also challenges you to maintain your position against better players and offers a chance to learn from them.

-I prefer to play against those of a similar standard to me.

- We have found we were playing pairs far more experienced than us. Extremely disheartening.


-Would be happy with Swiss if two sections but Mitchell if only one section.

-Don’t mind too much but would go with Mitchell if I had to choose.

-No preference with a caveat. When I’ve played Swiss I have met at least one pair twice, which I would prefer not to do.

-Advantages and disadvantages in both.

-Don't really mind, but silly to play same pairs twice.

For Mitchell

-Mitchell is better if there is a good number of tables.

-Mitchell better mirrors normal club duplicate play.

-Only Mitchell is fair with regards to NGS.

-Prefer to play different pairs each time. Also a more accurate NGS.