Diary Dates

5th - 7th July Weekend awayArundel

27th-29thSeptember Weekend awayHydroHotel Eastbourne

1st-3rd November Junior Bridge Camp Woldingham School

13th-15th June 2025 Weekend away at Marsham Court Hotel Bournemouth

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Online Tuition - Learn Bridge & Improve Your Game

Open to all

Beginning Bridge Course

- Sign up for more info

Assisted Play Session - Mondays 2:30pm

- Get live tuition on Zoom while you play against others of a similar skill on Bridge Base.

Private Partnership Tuition - Tues, Wed, Thurs

- Review an entire session or hands of your choice with Tony. 1 or 2 pairs.

Live Commentated Stream - Fridays 10 am

- Get an insight into what goes into Club Director Tony Cherrett's head during play and ask questions in this interactive session.

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BBO Instructions
Duplicate Pairs and Teams on Bridge Base Online Instructions

Duplicate Pairs and Teams on Bridge Base Online – Instructions

You can join us playing bridge several times a week using Bridge Base Online.

To get a BBO User Name

Go to and click Play Free Now.

The following fields should be completed

1. User name: This must be unique and it would be useful if others can recognize you. (eg 'JoeSmith' might be taken but JJoeSmith will probably be ok)
2. Password/Confirm Password: Up to 10 characters
3. Real Name: Optional but useful
4. ABCL Number: leave blank
5. Skill/Level: Don't be modest - no one is
6. Country: England

7. Agree to the terms of sevice

You will be sent an e-mail (it might end up in your junk folder) you should confirm your registration and now you are ready to start.

To Register with Caterham

When you have a Bridge Base User Name you must click here to register to play in Caterham duplicate pairs sessions. You need to register your details only once. You may not be included in today's session if you register later than 8 am.

To Play Duplicate Pairs:

  1. Go to 10 minutes before the event is due to start and sign in to your account.
  2. Select Competitive

  1. Select All Tournaments

  1. Type Caterham in the search box and press enter

  1. Click on 'Pairs Caterham'
  2. Either enter your partner’s User Name. See below if you need a partner
  3. Wait to play

lf You Need A Partner

We will attempt to match you with a suitable partner. After registering for a game, click “Partnership Desk”

Then click “Invite” to request to play with another waiting for a partner, or “Add your name” to wait for someone else.

Even if there is no one on the desk Tony or James will usually be able to play if no other suitable partners are available.

To Play Teams:

You will be invited to the game automatically if you are signed in at the correct time. 

  1. Register your entry. We need multiples of four players for a team session.
  2. Players will be notified if they are playing
  3. Go to a few minutes before the event is due to start and sign in to your account.
  4. Wait to be invited
  5. Accept the invitation to play
  6. The event may be in multiple sections so watch the chat box for instructions