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Board 22 from 2nd July

At two tables the EW pair reached 4 Hearts, at one the EW contract was 3 Hearts and at the remaining tables the contract was 2 Hearts.

Why just 2 Hearts?  Because the East West pairs were using the loosing trick count method.

West opens 1 Heart.  Perfectly reasonable considering the lenght of the Heart suit and the point count.  North is not going to get involved.  East certainly wants to encourage West, but by how much?

Loosing trick counts helps.  OK it is a bit mathematical but is does gives results.  Criteria Number One.  At least four card support for partners suit. Yes!  Check

Criteria Number Two.  Do you have a good four card suit that partner should be told about before supporting partners suit?  No!  Check

Now the maths.  How many loosers do you have?  In the Spade suit 2.  Hearts 2, Diamonds 3 and Clubs 2  Total 9.  Take the 9 from 11 (it is always 11).  Answer 2.  So bid 2 Hearts.

West can now complete the sum.  West counts the loosers in West's hand  Spades 1,  Hearts 2, Diamonds 2  and Clubs 2  Total 7.  Add this 7 to East's 9.  Total 16  Take the 16 from 18 (it is alway 18) answer 2.  So pass 2 Hearts.

West usually made 9 tricks. Two obvious Diamond loosers, How the Heart suit is played could loose a trick to South and good luck with the clubs with the KJ sitting over the Q.

Do Transfers work?

Board 7 from 4th October

Both West and East with eleven points, a four card minor suit and vunerable chose to pass.  North certainly was not interested and South, with forteen points felt obliged to open one No Trump.

A simple transfer to spades, as North has five completes the bidding, except at one table where North decided not to bid but to pass one No Trump.  

Play was not complicated, some Wests chose to lead a Heart, others a Diamond and before too long, eight tricks were made.

The poor South playing one No Trump only made  four tricks, after a Club lead.  Sorry Mary, I will use transfers in the future!