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Slow Play Policy


Slow play is a violation of ACBL law.  All players should be familiar with the CRBC policies and procedures regarding slow play, which you may read here.


Score Correction Policy


Score corrections may only be reported by a member of one of the two pairs who played the board on which the alleged scoring error took place.  Any correction submissions by outside parties will be ignored.  Corrections must be submitted within 24 hours of the posting of game recaps online and confirmed by a member of the opposing pair. 



Welcome to Castle Rock Bridge Club


We will be closed Monday July 4th 

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Arapahoe County has lifted the mask requirement on all indoor events 

Let's be resprectful for those who may continue to wear a mask for their protection and mindful of other players.  

Please stay home if you are experercing any flu like symptoms - coughing, sore throat, runny nose etc.

News & Upcoming Events



New location for our club!!

Highline Community Church

6160 Wabash Way

Greenwood Village, CO 80111

(Turn east off of I25 at Orchard, then first right at Willow, right at

Wabash Way follow around past AAA to Highline Community Church)



All sessions are ACBL sanctioned





The Home of Castle Rock Bridge
The Home of Castle Rock Bridge



Highline Community Church
Our Story

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Castle Rock, Colorado, is home to a thriving community of bridge players.  Yet, as recently as 2009, there were no sanctioned duplicate bridge games in town.  Local bridge players had to drive several miles south to Colorado Springs or several miles north to Denver to get their fill – and their masterpoints.


On October 26, 2009, the long drought came to an end.  On that Monday afternoon, a full 12 tables of bridge players showed up for the inaugural game, and the Castle Rock Bridge Club has not looked back since.  With the establishment and success of the Monday flagship game, CRBC later added a second open game (Wednesday afternoon).


Today, Castle Rock Bridge offers the standard amenities of tournament bridge:  pre-duplicated boards, hand records for all matchpoint pair games, and wireless electronic scoring.


Open Pairs Games:

Monday 12:30 pm

Wednesday 12:30 pm 

All sessions are ACBL Sanctioned


Club Information


Castle Rock Bridge Club

Vaccination cards are still required until State & ACBL regulations are amended.


Club Information: 720-253-2345





Kathy Carson   (

303-915-1229 (call or text)

Needing Partners: Please contact players listed below

Jim Goeke 303 269 8000   j

James Dulan 303 669 9751

Paula Boyd 303 588 8427

Eugene Wadas 406-224-8622

Carol Jacks 720 234 2011

Tom Tinsman 720 245 9111


Wednesday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Bill Fry
Monday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Bill Fry
Wednesday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Bill Fry
Monday Afternoon Pairs -adjusted
Director: Bill Fry
Mon 4th Jul 2022
Closed July 4th
Wed 6th Jul 2022
Wednesday Afternoon Pairs
Director: bill fry
Mon 11th Jul 2022
Monday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Bill Fry
Wed 13th Jul 2022
Wednesday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Bill Fry
Mon 18th Jul 2022
Monday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Bill Fry
Wed 20th Jul 2022
Wednesday Afternoon Pairs
Director: Bill Fry