Castle Morpeth Bridge Club
Registered Charity No. 1203651
Competition Winners 2016/17




Competition Winners 2016-17





Club Championship Pairs             21st Jun 16    Frank Springett & Mike Stanbury


Club Handicap Pairs                       14th Feb 17   Ann Elliot & Angela England


Club Championship Teams           28th Mar 17    Laura Marriott & Ted Szymczuk

Tessa Lee Trophy                                                    Margery Dodds & Mike Rowlands


Club Mixed Pairs                             7th Mar 17      Anne & Eric Bell


Club Ladies Pairs                            21st Mar 17   Jo Lormor & Margaret Andrew


Club Mens Pairs                              21st Mar 17   Frank Springett & Mike Stanbury


Individual Club Shield (1)              Apr – Mar       Frank Springett & Mike Stanbury


Slam Champions                             Apr – Mar       David Gunn & Norman Henry






(1) Based on av % pairs score over year 1st Apr – 31st Mar.  Must have played half of

available match pointed pairs events  (48) & best 24 scores included.    



Slams:            Points awarded for each slam 3 for grand and 1 for small