Castle Morpeth Bridge Club
Registered Charity No. 1203651
AGM Minutes




Held at Storey Park Community Centre, Morpeth

6.30 pm on Tuesday 17th May 2016


In attendance:  Kathy Banerji, Anne Bell, Eric Bell, Dan Benison, Vivien Bennett, Moyra Booth, Pauline Chapelhow, Sarah Cleverley, Anne Coates, Dorothy Craig, Mike Craig (Chair), Judy Creswick, Audrey Croft, Aileen Cunningham, Margery Dodds, Ann Elliot, Angela England, Liz Gray, David Gunn (Deputy Chair), John Hall, Jill Harrison, Anne Hauxwell, Jim Hodgson, Ian Hudson, Sheena Hudson (Secretary), Betty Hutton, Val Ireland, Donna Lawrence, Joyce Liddell, Cecily Manghan, Laura Marriott, Peter Marshall, Garry Matthews, Betty Matthewson, Cyril Meehan, Joan Monkhouse, Laurie Monkhouse, Brenda Mueller, Betty Newton, Carole Newton, Barbara Park, Sheila Parker, Vincent Price, Mike Rowlands, Alfred Scott, Margaret Sewell, Freda Simpkin (Treasurer), Mike Stanbury, Chris Stenning, Trevor Stone, Barbara Thompson, Jim Turnbull, Carole Walton, Ken Waugh, John Wiltshire.


Apologies received from:  Azhar Mahmood

Minutes of Meeting held 2nd June 2015:  The minutes were adopted as a true record.  Proposed by Laurie Monkhouse and seconded by Alfred Scott.


Matters arising:  At the last Meeting it was agreed to have a 6 month trial period of a 2 winner table movement when there was an even number of tables.  This trial has proved successful and will be continued whenever possible.


Chairman’s report:  The club is in good health.  Our membership is 120 which is slightly higher than this time last year and we have been averaging just under 18 tables each week which is the highest average we have ever had.  However, we were surprised two weeks ago when 22½  tables arrived to play and although at that time we were unable to accommodate 6 people we have now reorganized our tables and movements so that we can have 22½ tables as a maximum.

During the year we very sadly lost three long standing members, Aileen Bryant, Hetty Jackson and Tessa Lee and we remember them fondly.

We are taking a full part in County competitions and enter two teams in the NEBA Inter Club teams.  Although our results have been variable all team members have played enthusiastically and enjoyed the competition.  We also generally take up our full allocation of entries for Club Qualifier events.


During the year we purchased Bridgemates and their introduction has been fairly trouble free and has provided more accurate scoring a better record of results.  The Club has qualified for Gift Aid which will give us a refund of nearly £250 this year from HMRC.


I should like to thank all the people who work to make this Club a success, the Directors, scorers and Committee Members and of course you the members who make our evenings so enjoyable.


Treasurer’s report & election of auditor:  Freda gave out copies of the Income and Expenditure Accounts ending 31 March 2016.  These accounts were self-explanatory and Freda invited questions from the members.  There were no questions forthcoming. It is envisaged that the club will break-even this year despite purchasing 2 further Bridgemate machines.  The accounts were adopted, proposed by Peter Marshall and seconded by Anne Hauxwell.


Norman Gray re-elected as honorary reporting accountant for the forthcoming year.  Norman was thanked for his work.  Proposed by Alfred Scott and seconded by Trevor Stone.


Anne Hauxwell thanked Mike for his work in obtaining Gift Aid for the club.


Election of Committee Members:  All the current Committee members were re-elected. David Gunn was elected as Deputy Chair with Tim Capron and Ken Waugh being welcomed onto the Committee.


Resolutions from Club Members:  There were no resolution put forward.


Presentation of Trophies:  Mike Craig and Freda Simpkin presented the following trophies with the exception of a new trophy, The Tessa Lee Club Teams Trophy, which was donated and presented by Tessa’s family.

Club Championship Pairs              Frank Springett & Mike Stanbury

Club Handicap Pairs                       David Gunn & Norman Henry

Club Championship Teams           Azhar Mahmood & Kathy Banerji

                                                            Margaret Andrew & Jo Lormor

Club Mixed Pairs                              Peter & Margery Dodds

Club Ladies Pairs                            Audrey Croft & Anne Hauxwell

Club Mens Pairs                               Bill Aynsley & Dan Benison

Individual Club Shield                     Frank Springett & Mike Stanbury

Slam Champion                               Margaret Fenwick



Any other business:  No other business


As there was no further business the meeting closed at 6.50pm.